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PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in Web3 Gaming

As the vibrant tapestry of Web3 gaming continues to unfold, PlayToEarn is proud to announce the third edition of the PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards. This year’s ceremony promises to be a dazzling showcase of the industry’s finest talents, recognizing not only the games that captivate us but also the creators and guilds who fuel its growth and innovation.

Key Highlights:

The sheer scale of this year’s awards speaks volumes about the burgeoning energy within the blockchain gaming space. With over 2200 games, 300 content creators, and 30+ guilds vying for recognition, the diversity and depth of talent are truly awe-inspiring. This record-breaking number of nominations highlights the industry’s exponential growth and underscores the diverse range of experiences and narratives woven into the fabric of Web3 gaming.

Ambitious Goals for 2024:

The PlayToEarn Awards have consistently resonated with a dedicated and passionate community. Our previous ceremonies have garnered an average of 4 million impressions and engaged around 300,000 active users annually. This immense interest testifies to the power of blockchain gaming to unite players across the globe, fostering a shared sense of excitement and anticipation as we witness the evolution of this transformative space.

Embracing the Power of Web3:

Further solidifying our commitment to Web3 integration, over 40,000 active players have claimed their P2E points using a Web3 wallet on our platform. This embrace of blockchain-based rewards demonstrates a growing understanding and appreciation for the potential of decentralization within gaming, paving the way for a future where players truly own their in-game assets and contribute to the shared wealth of the community.

Celebrating Achievements, Fueling Innovation:

To date, the PlayToEarn Awards have proudly distributed over USD 100,000 in prizes to outstanding games, creators, and guilds. These awards are more than just recognition; they catalyze further innovation, encouraging developers and creators to push the boundaries of what is possible within Web3 gaming.

Ambitious Vision for the Future:

Looking ahead, our ambitious goal for the coming year is to multiply our prize distribution. Through strategic partnerships and the introduction of a new Award system, we aim to broaden user participation and implement innovative mechanisms to elevate the visibility of the PlayToEarn Awards.

PlayToEarn: A Guiding Force in Web3 Gaming:

Since its inception in September 2020, has proudly stood as a beacon of information and education within the blockchain gaming landscape. As the world’s first and most visited Web3 Blockchain Gaming website, we have curated and disseminated knowledge, fostering a thriving community of passionate players, informed investors, and dedicated developers.

Our expertise in Web3 gaming marketing and user acquisition has empowered game studios of all sizes, connecting them with millions of potential players through our platform. We are honored to be a bridge between creators and players, playing a vital role in accelerating the growth and adoption of this revolutionary new gaming paradigm.

Join the PlayToEarn Movement:

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran exploring the vast frontiers of Web3 gaming or a curious newcomer taking your first steps into this exciting world, the PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2023 serve as an invitation. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of the past year and cast a hopeful glance toward the future, where the possibilities of blockchain gaming are as boundless as our imaginations.

PlayToEarn Stats:

  • 3 million average monthly website page views in the past 12 months.
  • 250,000 average monthly website visitors in the past 12 months.
  • 200,000+ Android app downloads.
  • 100,000+ Social Media followers.
  • 40,000+ registered website users with a connected MetaMask wallet & P2E Points.
  • 30,000+ newsletter subscribers

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