Playnance Announces Partnership with Expanding Its White Label Solution

Playnance, a leader in white-label Web3 games, announces a landmark partnership with, an emerging startup in the fintech sector. With this collaboration, Playnance Studio has provided its white-label traffic monetization solution to, as the company is set to publicly launch its platform soon. 

Combining a unique business model with the booming Web3 gaming sector, Playnance’s white-label product offers its partners a decentralized, non-custodial, and out-of-the-box service. This fully automated system is crafted to enhance scalability and can be deployed within just two hours. Utilizing this approach allows partners to begin earning profits without the need for a specialized team or incurring operational costs. 

By adopting Playnance’s profit-sharing scheme, collaborators gain a steady stream of income from each victory in P2P trading games, establishing a beneficial link between the profitability of the partners and the expansion of the ecosystem. The system is designed to eliminate the possibility of dishonesty or scamming: immutable and transparent smart contracts dictate the gaming rules, building player confidence and guaranteeing an equitable play environment.

Playnance Studio’s iGaming products have been leading the charts on the Polygon network in terms of transactions. These products process over 200,000 transactions daily on the blockchain. Within just six months of operation, Playnance games distributed more than 450 million in MATIC to users. UpVsDown, the studio’s flagship blockchain-based crypto trading game, is the number one game on the Polygon blockchain by transaction volume and among the top 10 games across all networks. The game’s core mechanics involve players speculating on Bitcoin’s market movements, offering a fast-paced, engaging experience with rounds lasting just 45 seconds. 

Playnance distinguishes itself in the rapidly evolving GameFi sector through its unique business model, which seamlessly integrates traffic monetization into the blockchain gaming ecosystems. This model equips partners with a ready-to-deploy, automated, and decentralized white-label solution designed for unmatched scalability. Remarkably, partners can launch their customized platform in as little as two hours, transforming their audience into a vibrant revenue stream. This efficiency bypasses the usual complexities and operational costs tied to online gaming ventures, enabling traffic owners to leverage their user base for income generation without the customary burdens.

Central to the Playnance approach is a revenue-sharing framework, where every winning bet in the P2P trading game results in passive income for partners. This setup cultivates a beneficial cycle of platform growth and partner profitability. Playnance leverages smart contracts to uphold the integrity and transparency of game rules, virtually eliminating fraud risks and bolstering confidence among partners and players alike. 

The platform’s plug-and-play feature simplifies game development and maintenance for partners, offering a streamlined path to deploying a personalized gaming experience. This, coupled with Playnance’s established infrastructure and popularity, ensures partners can focus on user base expansion while regulatory, licensing, and tax responsibilities are efficiently managed or automated, further easing the operational load.

“This strategic alliance with broadens Playnance’s horizons and sets a new benchmark in the Web3 gaming sector,” said Yaniv Baruch, COO of Playnance, expressing his enthusiasm about the new partnership. “This collaboration will potentially bring a lot of new users to Web3 gaming, even those who aren’t familiar with the crypto scene. It will promote more immersive gaming experiences and enhanced earning potential through our pioneering revenue-sharing model. We are excited to see how this partnership will benefit the blockchain gaming ecosystem.”

Regarding the future of iGaming, Baruch added, “The success of Playnance’s ecosystem on the Polygon blockchain underscores our position as a frontrunner in the iGaming product space. We firmly believe iGaming represents the next wave in redefining the GameFi market. With our focus on integrating cutting-edge blockchain technology to offer transparent, secure, and engaging gaming experiences, Playnance is at the forefront of driving this trend.”

Playnance is setting a benchmark in ethical traffic monetization. The studio also recently partnered with leading analytics provider DaapRadar. Under this partnership, DappRadar promotes Playnance products on its platform while earning fees generated from the trading volume of its games.

About Playnance

Playnance is a White-Label Web3 Games Provider and B2B Web3 platform offering easy traffic monetization for traffic owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs. All Playnance transactions are powered by smart contracts, lowering fraud risk for partners and players. The platform has completed a CertiK audit with results in the top 10%.

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