PlayMining Partners Gaming Protocol Oasys to Deploy L2 Chain with a Focus on Social Good

PlayMining Partners Gaming Protocol Oasys to Deploy L2 Chain with a Focus on Social Good

Popular gamefi platform PlayMining recently announced a partnership with game-focused protocol Oasys. Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), which owns PlayMining, will be building and deploying a new Layer 2 blockchain on Oasys, tentatively named ‘DEP Verse’.

The game-specialized blockchain protocol Oasys offers layer 1 ‘hub’ technology with a layer 2 ‘verse’ platform that developers can build their dApps on. Its Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is designed to be environmentally friendly and the platform charges no transaction fees. Its initial validators on the blockchain counts among them a number of major gaming companies such as SEGA, Bandai Namco Research Institute, Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, Square Enix and also other major players such as Yield Guild Games and SoftBank.

With 6 P&E (Play-and-Earn) currently in its catalog, the PlayMining native token DEAPcoin ($DEP) can be used across its gaming ecosystem as well as its NFT marketplace, which offers in-game assets as well as collectible art NFTs. Notably, its DEAPcoin was Japan’s first officially approved P&E token and can also be traded on popular CEXs and DEXs  such as OKX, Uniswap, and Bitmart.

DEA-Oasys Collaboration has a Social Good Focus

Beyond just L2 development, the DEA-Oasys blockchain DEP Verse will focus on deploying games with social impact goals. Kozo Yamada, DEA’s co-founder and co-CEO stated that social good has always been a goal for their platform, using Web3 technology to “change video games into a powerful tool that can benefit society in many ways”. Believing that Web3 gaming can help support both ESG and UN SDG goals, he asserted that the Oasys partnership represented an “important step toward spreading gamefi-for-good” globally.

The two parties will work on expanding the Oasys ecosystem together toward mass adoption of blockchain gaming with joint efforts at selecting new game titles on the Oasys platform as well as joint marketing and PR to make the blockchain games appealing to a mainstream audience. Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama said that the Web3 x Social Good aims of DEP Verse “expands the possibilities of gaming” and looked forward to the new collaboration which could help energize the Japanese  gaming industry. The DEA team brings on both platform expertise as well as a user base of more than  2.7 million players.

Championing Social Impact and Innovation through gaming and NFTs

DEA continues to create avenues on its PlayMining gaming platform for P&E earnings that support people in need such as single mothers, people with disabilities and farming communities that are impoverished. PlayMining also offers a platform on which other indie game studios can launch games and monetize their IPs (intellectual property) through NFTs. 

DEA has also been expanding the NFT paradigms with innovative use cases for the advertising industry with product placement NFTs and user token rewards for advertorial market surveys.

Yamada pointed out that the “only way that blockchain games can achieve mainstream adoption” is when the ecosystem grows to a “respectable size”. As P&E gaming is designed such that it can provide “significant social value when compared to traditional video games”, Yamada believed that the Web3 industry will only continue to expand even as it matures. With P&E games attracting more and more non-gamers, Yamada felt that this could be the “catalyst” that will finally lead the public to fully embrace blockchain technology.


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