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Player One Universe Releases Metaverse Game Platform’s Beta

Player One Universe has announced the highly anticipated metaverse game platform’s beta release, following an 18-month development period.

TakeAway Points:

  • Player One Universe has launched the metaverse game platform’s beta.
  • The beta entails a Cosy Web social platform and community engagement service, with 12 partner applications.
  • The firm also looks forward to introducing its limited-edition Genesis Pass, designed for supporters and early adopters, by March 27.

Player One Metaverse Game Platform’s Beta

The platform unveils a ground-breaking idea called a “Cosy Web” social platform and community engagement service, with 12 partner applications debuting in beta. Encouraging users to create and manage their own private metaverses, Player One Universe embraces Web3, Discord, and X communities.

Communities may plan games, events, freebies, promotions, and more inside these immersive settings. Additionally, the platform uses AI to create unique 3D avatars for users based on their NFTs and 2D digital profile photographs.

“We are thrilled to announce the upcoming beta release. These milestones reflect years of dedication from our talented team. With P1U, we’re empowering both new and existing communities to achieve their goals and foster engagement through innovative services and technology. Together with the Genesis Pass, we aim to redefine digital ownership and cultivate safe, curated spaces for diverse projects.” Neil Collier and Shawn Faison, co-founders of Player One Universe said.

Launching simultaneously on March 27, the firm will introduce its limited-edition Genesis Pass designed for supporters and early adopters. Among the many advantages of this special pass are airdrops, early access to features, NFT drops, avatar drops, and the ability to vote on future platform developments. Thousands of interested applicants were drawn to the collection, which underwent a rigorous verification process with only 1,111 passes available.

Genesis Pass

According to the report, player One Universe launches its metaverse beta platform concurrently with the Genesis Pass, which is a cooperative sandbox that gives groups and individuals access to their own virtual worlds. With its rich digital terrain, this immersive cosmos aims to stimulate creation, exploration, and engagement. The ecosystem’s $ONE token, which acts as the main medium of exchange for all metaverses built on the platform, is essential to this experience.

However, the report added that Player One Universe will hold a number of events and giveaways in advance of the Genesis Pass and beta release, providing participants with special prizes and benefits. In addition, participants in the beta programme will have the chance to offer insightful and helpful criticism, and owners of Genesis Passes will have the greatest access and power to shape the platform’s future development.

A View of Player One Universe

 Player One Universe (P1U) is an innovative cryptocurrency company that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistic 3D avatars using 2D non-fungible token (NFT) art. These avatars are generated as 3D models that are industry standard and may be used in a variety of metaverse games, interactive tools, and platforms. With the use of these avatars, P1U hopes to establish a virtual environment where NFT communities can congregate in their own, separately owned metaverses.

The members of the community voluntarily own and control the entirety of each private metaverse. P1U transforms the way NFT and other social networks engage and communicate with one another by offering an inclusive and participatory environment, ushering in a new era of digital collaboration and innovation.

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