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Player Casemiro plays for Man United with a salary of 350,000 pounds/week

Player Casemiro plays for Man United with a salary of 350,000 pounds/week

Casemiro, a Brazilian professional soccer star, is participating in Manchester United’s squad at Old Trafford. Not only is he an important part of this famous club, Casemiro is also one of the key players of the Brazilian National Football Team. Join football viewing site Xoilac TV to find out how he plays in both the club and national team!

Casemiro player biography

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Carlos Henrique Casimiro, more commonly known as Casemiro, was born on February 23, 1992. He is famous for his role as a defensive midfielder, and currently, he is an integral part of the top club Premier League, Manchester United and also took on the role of captain for the Brazilian National Team.

Casemiro attracted attention for his excellent defense, ball-winning techniques and smart tackling. In the 2022 FIFA FIFPro World XI, he is one of the top defensive midfielders of his generation. Starting his career with São Paulo, Casemiro quickly climbed the ranks and scored 11 goals in 111 matches as a midfielder.

With excellent ability, Real Madrid paid attention to Casemiro and signed him for a fee of 5.1 million pounds. After a difficult time at Real Madrid, he was loaned to FC Porto and made an impressive mark, helping the team reach the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Returning to Real Madrid, Xoilac TV also learned that Casemiro became an important part of the first team and contributed in bringing many major titles, including La Liga and UEFA Champions League.

After winning his fifth Champions League title, Casemiro moved to Manchester United for a fee of 70.65 million euros in 2022, and in his first season, he helped the team win the EFL Cup. Casemiro has also been in the Brazilian team since 2011 and has participated in the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups.

Casemiro’s playing style

Casemiro’s playing style during the match was highly appreciated by live football viewers at XoilacTV

Casemiro usually plays as a defensive midfielder, but he is also versatile in being used as a striker or even as a centre-back in some cases. With his physicality, mobility and effort, he is a smart midfielder and his performance is extremely impressive.

He not only balances the team’s forces in defense but also supports his teammates in attack, passing the ball accurately and possessing powerful shots from afar. The ability to block the forward defense and the ability to create dangerous situations are Casemiro’s strengths, which not only help him score goals but also ensure a breakthrough in the match.

His agility, excellent reading of the game and anticipation help him break up counter-attacks and shield the defense. Casemiro’s playing style has even been compared to former Real Madrid defensive midfielder Claude Makélélé and fellow player Toninho Cerezo.

Career statistics of player Casemiro

The beginning of his career was a bit difficult, but Casemiro has regained his racing form on the field

Casemiro has gone through a successful and impressive career journey in the football world. Let’s look back at his impressive numbers through the competition seasons with the live soccer channel Xoi Lac TV.

Club career statistics

Let’s take a look at some of his achievements during his career at the club:

Club Year Tournaments Federal National Cup League Cup Continents Other Total
São Paulo 2010 – 2013 61 battle

8 goal

31 battle

3 goal

14 battle

2 goal

5 battle

0 goal

111 battle

11 goal

Real Madrid Castilla (mượn) 2012 – 2013 222 battle

24 goal

24 battle

0 goal

73 battle

6 goal

17 battle

1 goal

336 battle

31 goal

Real Madrid (mượn) 2012 – 2013
Real Madrid 2013 – 2023
Porto (mượn) 2014 – 2015 36 battle

5 goal

5 battle

2 goal

8 battle

2 goal

14 battle

2 goal

63 battle

11 goal

Man Utd 2022 – 2024

Career statistics at the national team

Online football viewing channel Xoilactv provides statistics about Casemiro’s career in the national team:

ĐTQG Year Battle Goal
Brazil 2011 1 0
2012 4 0
2013 0 0
2014 2 0
2015 2 0
2016 4 0
2017 7 0
2018 12 0
2019 14 3
2020 2 0
2021 11 1
2022 10 2
2023 6 1
Total 75 7

Personal title

For experts in the field of betting, it is impossible not to look at his personal titles to have a more accurate view. Here is a summary of the online football viewing channel Xoilac TV for you:

  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2016 – 2017, 2017 – 2018
  • UEFA La Liga Team of the Season vào năm 2019 và năm 2020
  • Trofeo EFE: 2019 – 2020
  • Copa America Team of the Tournament: 2021
  • FIFA FIFPRO Men’s World 11: 2022
  • Alan Hardaker Trophy: 2023


Casemiro is not only an excellent player, with his talent and bravery, he has proven that he will increasingly become one of the hot international stars. And his glorious journey continues, let’s join live football to accompany the next thrilling moments on the field!

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