Play To Earn Is The Future Of The Video Gaming Industry, Says X10 Legends Founder

No doubt, the play to earn is the new trend that is becoming the future of the video gaming industry. It has a bright future in the coming days. Virtual reality to artificial intelligence is shaping the future of videos gaming. 

All you have to do is to farm for in-game items and sell them for a good profit. Even clearing a difficult stage and selling the reward could bring fortune to you. Moreover, unlocking the rare achievements and profiting them off is an easy money-making process. So, earn money while playing your favourite game. 

There is an immense increase in the popularity of video games be it a child or an adult. It shall not be wrong to say that pandemic is another reason for its increasing popularity. People want entertainment without stepping out of the home. 

According to the X10 Legends Video Gaming is now a bigger industry than movies and sports combined. The revenue generation from video gaming is growing 12 per cent from last year as per Market Research firm Super Data. 

Interestingly, four out of every five people play video games on regular basis. So gaming is coming more into the mainstream. As people are spending more and more time online. In this regard, people are fascinated by the play to earn. 

People are ready to invest a few dollars to earn extra pennies for themselves just by playing games online. Eventually, Blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) games are set to change rules of the gaming by offering an equal playfield. 

For X10 Legends Founder it’s a total crypto business model. A person interested in the game gets a reward for spending time over it. 

Reasons for the sudden increase in liking of play to earn 

  • The increasing mainstream awareness of the crypto amongst the audience 
  • Pandemic where people are becoming jobless and looking for new ways to earn 
  • Addiction to the gaming experience 

How do you earn through play to earn?

It’s an interesting concept for everyone interested in crypto gaming. So, let’s learn more about it. In traditional gaming, the player just can earn or purchase in-game items. 

But in play-to-earn games, the player can easily trade, sell and use these items in a non-custodial way. So, while playing the game you own the non-custodial asset ownership where you may put earnings in your choice of wallet. 

In this regard, “gaming tokens” are of immense importance. It does bolster the game’s economy and simultaneously rewards its users for engaging in it. So, you could earn these tokens in-game. Through these gaming tokens, the players can extract the value for the total dedicated to the game by them. 

Coming future of the play to earn

The other name for it is “crypto gaming” in economical language. Many people may have countless questions regarding these things. For an average player who is having no experience in crypto gaming, things become difficult. 

But if they get education regarding how to create wallets, what signing transactions means, figuring the best ways to explain decentralized wallet ownership. Then all these things will be as smooth as ice to them. 

No doubt the bright future and coming possibilities are endless. Gamers are expecting much higher quality gaming experiences. They are very eager for the new advancement in the play to earn games. 

Eventually, the companies are going to compete with the AAA gaming experiences so that the users don’t have to compromise on the video quality. With the integration of more and more wallets, tokens the experience is going to be richer. 

They are readily building the game economics which caters both to the crypto industry as well as traditional gamers. So, fingers are crossed where everyone is benefitting from the game industry. More success and a bright future to the play to earn games.

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