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Play To Earn: How Does CryptoChefs Work? 

Right now, cryptocurrencies are dominating the investment industry. For example, the global cryptocurrency market is projected to grow from $910.3 million in 2021 to $1,902.5 million in 2028’. There are various reasons for this project increase: 

  • Digital investments are becoming ever-popular amongst investors of all ages.
  • There are few fees associated with investing in crypto.
  • The world of crypto is becoming more accessible, making it a less ‘elitist’ form of investment that the average person can involve themselves in. 
  • Many experts predict that Cryptocurrency is the future of investment. 

At CryptoChefs, we wanted to make it as easy (and fun) as possible for customers to enter the Crypto Market and the rapidly developing world of NFTs. That’s where CryptoChefs came in. Similar to a ‘game’ (only much more rewarding), this platform allows seasoned traders and experts to share unique Crypto recipes with the world – and earn valuable tokens while doing so.

How does CryptoChefs work? 

The first step towards earning tokens with CryptoChefs is to create a unique ‘Crypto Recipe.’ To pull together this recipe, you simply select your favorite crypto coins or tokens featured in the game. Depending on the dish you are cooking up, you will need to select between 3 and 20 tokens. You can change the percentage value of each token you add, and there is plenty of data and info available to you at this time – helping you make the best decisions.

When you’ve completed these steps, you can choose a name for your recipe and stakes. The more you stake on your ‘Aroma’, the more you can earn. You then choose a chef NFT to ‘cook’ your recipe for you – which means that it will be introduced to the market. Once you’ve done this, you can start earning from that week forward. 

What are the benefits of using CryptoChefs vs. other forms of digital investment schemes? 

The major benefit of investing via CryptoChefs is that you are not actually buying the Cryptos, which means you won’t be negatively impacted by fluctuating marketing prices. Your recipe serves as an opportunity to win awards and tokens without loss. As a result, it’s considered a much more stable investment opportunity. Furthermore, as you are provided with accurate data throughout every step of the process, you can make more informed decisions. For example, when putting together your recipe, you’ll be able to see the past performance of your recipe on our handy graph – which will automatically update as you switch out different ingredients.

How Do I Get started? 

Simply head over to the website and start cooking up your own recipe to get started. Alternatively, you could join our discord server to connect with other budding chefs and get your questions answered. Led by a team of expert investors with years of market knowledge and insight, we can provide you with the peace of mind you need to start investing in crypto-, providing yourself with a better, brighter financial future – with much fewer risks.

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