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Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game Land of Conquest to List $SLG Token on Bybit and Host IGO Events

Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game Land of Conquest to List $SLG Token on Bybit and Host IGO Events

Upcoming GameFi title Land of Conquest has announced that on July 19th they will be listing their $SLG governance token on the Bybit crypto exchange. Before the big listing, the token will also be offered in two special events: the PopFun incubator is holding a whitelisting token offering this week, and the Cocos launchpad is hosting a limited initial game offering (IGO) today only.

Land of Conquest is receiving enormous support from Bybit prior to the listing date. To boost brand awareness and increase hype, the Bybit NFT Marketplace is going to be holding a Land of Conquest NFT mystery box sale event on July 15.

“We are very proud to list our $SLG token on Bybit, one of the top 20 crypto exchanges in the world,” said Amore Wong, game producer of Land of Conquest. “We’ve been working hard to get the game ready for launch and are pleased to report that we’ll start alpha testing at the end of July. And in August, Land of Conquest will officially enter its closed beta.”

$SLG: A Deflationary Token

Wong also explained that the funds raised through the pre-listing events by Cocos and PopFun will be used to help finance the upcoming game launch.

The SLG token will be used in Land of Conquest as a governance token, and also to mint and purchase NFTs. Along with purchasing SLG on the Bybit exchange, the game will feature numerous ways for the token to be earned through gameplay. The token is deflationary in nature, with only 1 billion SLG available for issuance.

Gearing Up For a Strong Launch

Even pre-launch, Land of Conquest is already attracting massive support, with a community of more than 97,000 social media supporters and funding from nine investors, including PopFun, Mirana Ventures, Cocos, New Start Ventures, CryptoPhd, CCV, K300 Venture, C2 and NGC Ventures.

One of Land of Conquest’s main supporters is PopFun, a GameFi incubator that launched early this year. Land of Conquest is their third and largest game so far. Anybody interested in participating in PopFun’s whitelisted limited SLG offering should follow their Twitter channel for more information.

“The GameFi space is overburdened with so-called ‘games’ that focus far too much on making money. They’ve lost sight of what makes a game actually fun to play, and players are getting very bored. Our goal is to fill this massive demand in the GameFi industry and finally make P2E content that is actually entertaining and engaging,” said PopFun founder Ray Lee.

The Land of Conquest team is inviting gamers with previous GameFi experience to take part in the game’s alpha and beta testing events starting at the end of the month. For more information about Land of Conquest, follow them on Twitter. Bybit will also tweet more details about the NFT mystery boxes and SLG token listing.

A GameFi 2.0 Project Focused on Fun, Engaging Gameplay

Land of Conquest is an MMOSLG — or a multiplayer simulation game — where players build bases, develop resources and battle each other and hostile NPCs in an apocalyptic wasteland.

There are three different NFT categories that players can choose from, including heroes, land and mechs that are used to beef up fortresses. It’s not imperative to buy an NFT to play this game though — Land of Conquest includes a free-to-play mode that allows anyone to engage in PvE battles and help land NFT owners harvest resources, with PvP combat being reserved for hero NFT holders.

Land of Conquest also has two other tokens that accompany SLG, with all tokens offering different ways to engage with the game and other players. Players will be able to purchase LOC GOLD, an in-game currency, with USDT — offering newcomers to the GameFi genre an easy way to get started quickly. More experienced P2E gamers will focus on earning the $XTAL reward tokens through play, which can be used to strengthen NFTs and stake on the platform.

About Land of Conquest

Land of Conquest is a play-to-earn blockchain game that offers the best battle simulation gaming experience in the crypto industry. Set in an apocalyptic wasteland, Land of Conquest allows players to build their own bases, produce resources, train heroes and battle against hostile NPCs and other players’ characters. The game offers a number of different kinds of NFTs and play-styles, including a unique free-to-play option that ensures enjoyable and strategic interactions between free and paid players. The ‘Land of Conquest’ SLG token is listed on Bybit global exchange and the game’s closed beta will launch in August.

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