Plato Farm Ask Me Anything: A Sit-Down Interview with the CMO of the Hottest Blockchain Game to Hit the Metaverse

Blockchain Game to Hit the Metaverse

We are very happy to have you interview Daniel, the CMO of Plato Farm, one of the most highly anticipated NFT games and the blockchain space today. In this interview, we introduce the Plato Farm team and give you some insight as to why over 220,000 users are already registered to play the game when it comes out.

Here’s a transcript of the interview for your enjoyment.

Zoe: Daniel, Can You Tell Us More about the Plato Farm Team?

Daniel: Yes, our team is made up of experienced blockchain developers and enthusiasts residing out of Silicon Valley. We have members of our team that hail out of top US-based business schools and international game development teams. 

The teams we recruited stand behind some of the biggest gaming names in the industry including Tribal Conflict, Royal War, Dragon Valley, Atlantis Bobble, Island Tycoon, Xianjian, and other popular games. The team has all kinds of experience developing and designing 3D online games that routinely rise in popularity on both the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

The team is led by our CTO, who is a T4 level technical expert at Tencent’s Los Angeles-based Lightspeed Studio. He has 16 years of experience in large-scale game development and serves as the backbone of our whole tech team.

Zoe: What Prompted the Team to Work on the Plato Farm Project?

Daniel: We believe that the metaverse will be a way of life in the future. Gaming is the best gateway to get more and more people into the metaverse. The popularity of Roblox is a great example of that. Currently, in blockchain gaming, we’re not seeing too many if any projects that can transfer assets and do it well. Confirming ownership and transfer of assets, and trading them are concepts that have long existed in gaming.

We believe we have a great opportunity to make a blockchain game product that can do all these things without users possessing advanced knowledge of smart contracts or blockchains and our shared vision is that Plato Farm will be able to do this on a large-scale, accelerating the adoption of not only blockchain games, but NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Zoe: As An NFT Game That Supports HRC-721 And ERC-1155 Protocols, What Are The Main Advantages Of Plato Farm?

Daniel: Plato Farm is using a multichain deployment approach to facilitate the basic operation of the game. This means players can create their wallet address as the only address they will use at the beginning of the game and all participants can perform rights management transactions related to their tokens and NFTs attached to that address.

Many blockchain games treat game operations, wallet management, trading NFT assets, and tokens all as separate things and they don’t interact all in one act. Listening partner for players to enjoy the gaming experience and really immerse themselves in it.

Plato Farm features a completely functional and integrated DApp. Game operations, wallet management, NFT management and trading as well as the social aspect of the game are all managed within that DApp. Our DApp is essentially a game, wallet, NFT marketplace like OpenSea, a swapping platform, and a social platform all rolled into one.

This gives us a technical advantage and allows us to serve the community first. We are offering both the industry and players of our game a completely new innovation and a new way of thinking when it comes to blockchain games, DAO governance and the business model of play-to-earn games.

We’re going to allow our players to play freely and as seamlessly as possible while allowing them to earn revenue and maintain governance rights over the future of the project.

Zoe: How Does Plato Farm Ensure a Return On Investment of NFT Items? 

Daniel: Plato Farm is different from other games. It’s a game that breaks barriers and challenges the status quo. The NFT items within the game support each other. If a player wants to open a bread processing plant that offers a profitable expected revenue, they definitely want to open that plant.

However, they need to trade socially with wheat growers, follow the supply and demand economics of the market, engage whether the market for what they’re trying to offer is growing or deflating. Non-game system players will buy back assets or stimulate the market to help facilitate profitability and the current return cycle for early NFT props is expected to be anywhere from 10 to 15 days.

Zoe: What’s Plato Farm’s Current Progress and Future Planning?

Daniel: At the present moment, Plato Farm isn’t live, but we do have 670,000 registered airdrop mission users and 220,000 pre-registered players. We also have 70,000 level players and 17,000 DAU. We believe our numbers are very promising and inspiring and they make us want to do a good job for the large following that we’ve garnered. The game goes live on the 15th, and the official IDO will go live on platforms that are very familiar to crypto users so that they can reap the rewards and enjoy early dividends.

In addition to launching the IDO, we’re launching our industry’s first NDO distribution too. The launch of our NDO is based on a boat carried out by our community members through our DAO, as promised. NFT trading and transactions will allow us to issue governance certificates. We are really excited about that!

Zoe: Has Plato Farm Received Financing?

Daniel: Yes! We actually just completed a $1.8 million seed round of financing. We got the support of some of the top venture capital firms in the blockchain industry, including Chronos, a top venture capital firm in Russia, Cipholioop, Web4 Venture, OP Crypto, Formless, K&R Limited, ZBS Capital and other institutions.

We are so thrilled to have the support of some of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and blockchain technology backing us.

Plato Farm is the Next Smash Hit In Crypto Gaming

The value and popularity of NFTs will always be driven by a sense of community. Plato Farm’s community runs over 220,000 pre-registered players strong. With Daniel at the helm of the marketing team and some of the best and brightest minds of blockchain innovation working on the platform, Plato Farm is set up to be one of the most popular NFT games in the industry going into 2022 and beyond.

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