Plastiks Launch NFT Collection with Careoline to Remove Borders in Mental Health Treatment

Plastiks, a recovery-guarantee marketplace, has partnered with Careoline, a Web3 platform that connects people with mental health professionals in the metaverse, to launch a unique NFT collection. 

Plastiks is the first utility NFT marketplace that fights plastic pollution. It is an ecosystem that connects people worldwide to empower plastic recovery projects that portray a social impact, and Careoline is the next project on their marketplace. This collection marks the largest NFT collection on Plastiks, with 661 NFTs.

The NFTs are distributed as follows:

  • 400 World Helper Careoline NFTs
    $25 each and will sponsor recovering 25kg of plastic waste from the environment in the country of the holder’s choice
  • 200 World Champion Careoline NFTs
    $35 each and will sponsor the recovery of 35kg of plastic
  • 50 World Hero Careoline NFTs
    $50 each and will sponsor the recovery of 50kg of plastic 
  • 11 World Legend Careoline NFTs
    $100 each and will sponsor the recovery of 100kg of plastic

By purchasing a Careoline NFT, the holder will support the World Recycling Plastic and the Mental Wellbeing Movement. The holders will also get a whitelist spot on NFT mint, whilst the 11 Legend NFT holders will receive a NFT worth $100 airdropped to them. Heal2earn is Careoline’s incentive programme that reduces the cost of mental health treatment for patients by using Web3 technology. 

Careoline is changing the way mental health works and helping millions of people to live a more fulfilled life. Whereas, Plastiks is on a mission to clean the plastic waste on the planet and make the world a more habitable place for everyone. This NFT collection will help both the projects in achieving their vision.

About Plastiks

Plastiks is a recovery-guarantee marketplace that enables sponsorship of projects reducing plastic waste. The project aims to provide transparency, accountability, and sustainability to the consumption and production of all variations of plastics using blockchain technology. Plastiks intends to operate globally and help in cleaning the environment while leveraging Plastiks Tokens to support swift and secure transactions.

To learn more about Plastiks, visit:
Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Medium

About Careoline 

Careoline is a diverse ecosystem that uses the latest technology to connect clients with qualified coaches and mental health professionals to provide them with suitable support. Careoline ecosystem consists of NFTs, a heal2earn model, Social Token, Careoverse (Metaverse) and a launchpad for health projects. 

To learn more about Careoline, visit:
Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

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