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PlasmaFinance Announces First Fully Decentralized IDO Launchpad ‘SpacePort’


PlasmaFinance has released details of its latest product SpacePort: IDO launchpad for emerging crypto projects.

Although there is no lack of choice between IDO platforms in the market at the moment they all have various shortcomings. Launchpad teams still act as gatekeepers and there are many hoops that projects need to jump through and platform requirements they need to fulfil just to launch on them. That fact by itself contradicts the concept of decentralization. Not only that but also there is still a certain degree of inflexibility and a limited range of customizations available with one-size-for-all implementation on many platforms.

At PlasmaFinance we understand that no one blockchain or DeFi project is the same and everyone of them has different needs. We believe that projects should not fit their plans and tactics around the model of the platform but  the opposite – the IDO platforms should meet the needs and demands of the projects. 

This is exactly why PlasmaFinance is launching Spaceport, its IDO launchpad for emerging crypto projects built to be flexible, customizable and as wide-ranging as possible.

It’s mission is to make IDOs even fairer, safer, more transparent and more sustainable.

At SpacePort, we’re serious about democratizing capital raising, so we want to make sure that any and all projects can launch their IDO without restrictions and limitations. 

Whether you’re a low-cap Starship keen to explore the outer limits of yield farming, or a heavyweight DeFi battlestar ready to conquer liquidity across multiple yield galaxies, we believe you will find every tool and assistance on SpacePort.

What’s more, your project will be able to create on-chain smart contracts that specify a range of customizable parameters such as IDO stages and duration, liquidity locks, token vesting, sale price, and others through plug-and-play framework that simplifies the IDO process and eliminates the need for coding.

But if projects would like to get even more from the platform they can also apply for the SpacePort Incubation program. It has been designed to host outstanding projects that will add genuine value to the DeFi space, with PlasmaFinance carefully scrutinizing each application. Only projects that have significant utility, a reputable team, sound tokenomic model, and fair distribution will be chosen, since with this program PlasmaFinance aims to bring more trust to the market and protect token buyers. 

Projects chosen for the Incubation Program will receive full-cycle support from pre-launch to IDO and post-sale and assist with technical support, development, security auditing, and community building.

They will also benefit from advantages over incumbent solutions such as: 

  • Dedicated token information page, gas station, and support for limit orders on PlasmaSwap
  • Ready-made community of DeFi users who can stake PPAY tokens to ensure allocation
  • PlasmaFinance PR & marketing and support 

PlasmaFinance believes that with this new IDO Launchpad model DeFi token buyers will have more diverse projects to choose from, receive full and transparent information about IDO projects for better decisions and get exposed to trustworthy projects vetted through the SpacePort Incubator Program. 

About PlasmaFinance

PlasmaFinance is a DeFi dashboard that aggregates the most popular decentralized finance protocols from multiple blockchains. The PlasmaFinance platform provides the industry’s most robust analytics, easy-to-use tools and access to the most profitable defi yields across any protocol.

PlasmaFinance incorporates a suite of defi products including its own PlasmaSwap DEX, advanced trading and gas optimization tools, fiat on/off ramp for defi as well as an IDO launchpad, SpacePort.

Visit the PlasmaFinance Website: PlasmaFinance

Spaceport Webpage: https://Plasma.Finance/spaceport

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