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Plasma Waters Launches Subsidiary in Water Stressed India

Patented Technology

Patented Technology Offers A New Hope for Agri Sector & Drinking Water Issues of Rural India; Pragya Kalia Named Managing Director

According to the latest 2022 WHO report, at least 2 billion people globally use a contaminated drinking water source contributing to over 485,000 diarrheal deaths every year.  And while discussions about water scarcity and water stress around the world are at an all-time high, very little is being done on a global scale to affect change.  One of the places hardest hit is India. India ranks 120 out of 122 countries in water quality index & 133 out of 180 nations for its water availability.  

Further, another big concern along with water is the fast emerging food crisis. Is there a sustainable way to provide safe drinking water & produce enough food for the human race?

Enter Plasma Waters. Plasma Waters’ patented technology uses its unique low energy cold plasma in a continuous flow system that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from water and serves as a fast acting solution for monitoring water quality in real time. It is able to produce safe drinking water from any source for communities.  Plasma Water Solutions LLC announced the launch of its wholly owned Indian Subsidiary which was set up in Sep. 2022, with a mission to provide safe drinking water & chemical free agri solutions in India.

Using this technology, the company can generate Plasma Activated Water (PAW) in a continuous flow as a solution for agriculture. Usage of PAW has the potential to bring in disruptive results from better seed germination, to disease management, faster growth, better & higher yields and also a higher shelf life of harvest thereby providing higher income to farmers while keeping the environment non-contaminated. The agricultural run-off does not contaminate either the surface water or the underground, leaving the planet safer for future generations. The roots’ growth & higher roots biomass would help in reducing the carbon footprint too in a big way. 

According to a 2019 report, 70% of the surface water in India is unfit for consumption while 40 million liters of wastewater enter rivers & other water bodies with a miniscule fraction adequately treated. 

Plasma Waters’  technology solution portfolio is providing a substantial contribution to address the safe water shortage and to boost sustainable, high yield agriculture in India, NOW. 

“From agriculture to daily consumption, our ability to deliver water solutions is now recognized globally as impactful and disruptive, and will soon be deployed everywhere to solve the enormous problems facing humanity. We are very excited about India as it is one of the largest agrarian economies, hugely diverse and technologically inventive nations of the world. Plasma Waters dispensing unit has our patented technology which is versatile, scalable, tested, easy to install & operate and consumes low power which makes it relevant for India,” says Plasma Waters founder and Chief Innovation Officer Alfredo Zolezzi.

Plasma Waters’ solutions are already being deployed and tested for various uses by global partners including Airbus, Volkswagen, and AB inBev. It is also being used and tested on crops at West Texas A&M University to improve plant health and boost agricultural output.

“With Plasma Waters, we are bringing the next round of the green revolution fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals around environment, food & water. India is a strategic market for us as 18% of the world’s population lives here.  Next, we look forward to being a key water-tech partner of the government & their R&D institutions to help support them in achieving key goals around water like the Jal Jeevan Mission,” says Plasma Waters CEO Robert Hardt.

Announcing the launch of wholly owned Indian Subsidiary, Hardt welcomed the newly appointed Managing Director of India for Plasma Waters, Pragya Kalia, “Pragya brings a rich multi sectoral experience being a seasoned professional. We are staunch believers of “Innovation with Purpose” & share a common dream,” adds Hardt. 

Kalia is an ADP alumni of Wharton School and has over two decades of general management experience. She has led businesses with organizations like ExxonMobil, Philips, ICICI and Eureka Forbes. Before joining PWS India, she was Vice President with HT Media Ltd.

“A new journey begins for me with Plasma Waters that enables me to work in a sustainable, meaningful and nature accretive business at grass roots levels in India. I am privileged to get an opportunity to work with the immensely evolved, passionate and committed leadership at Plasma Waters Inc.” said Kalia.  

About Plasma Waters:

Plasma Waters addresses the world’s most pressing water issues by combining innovation with purpose and providing groundbreaking water-based solutions. The company’s patented technology uses a continuous flow system that fully eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses from water. Plasma Waters uses its water sanitization system to provide safe water access through its Safe Water Projects and has created a solution for monitoring water quality in real-time for industrial processes, defense and security, agriculture, and more. The breakthrough technology also creates “Plasma Activated Water,” a new kind of water that has been proven to boost the quality and amount of agricultural output, supporting sustainable & natural agricultural practices and increasing food productivity. For more information, please visit 

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