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Plan your Company Away Day with these 2 Companies

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A company away day can be a great way for you to increase employee morale, develop collaborative abilities amongst your workforce, and work on a range of key skills with individual employees. Arranging your company away day doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming with the help of two dedicated companies.

Team Tactics

The first is the dedicated team building company Team Tactics. Team Tactics has a great deal of experience in providing a broad range of away days for a wide selection of companies. Through Team Tactics you’ll be able to tailor your away day location and itinerary to suit your requirements, your employee needs, and your budget.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Team Tactics has provided its services to clients throughout London and the surrounding areas, as well as around the UK itself. That means your business stands to benefit from the hassle-free ordering and booking process. You can tailor aspects of the service to suit your needs. For example, you can host both indoor and outdoor events. You can have team-building days for existing employees or you can have “break the ice” sessions to allow new employees to meet and develop positive working relationships from the get-go. That’s not all, however, as Team Tactics have embraced the prevalence of home-working by developing virtual team building activities on top of their existing away day options.

Zest employee benefits

Team Tactics can handle the practical element of your away day, but how do you manage your own business’s approach to it? The simple answer is through a dedicated employee benefits software suite, like Zest.

Zest allows you a convenient platform to manage your employee benefits programs. You can track engagement, manage deliveries, even calculate costs, all in one convenient place. Using a package like Zest, you’ll be able to maximise the impact of your employee benefits both on your employees themselves and on your business. Through a package like this, you’ll be able to easily calculate the cost of your Team Tactics away day and weigh up the relative benefits. You will also be able to easily track who you’re booking on the day itself, to ensure that work is suitably covered and all appropriate provisions are made ahead of time.

The benefits of an away day

An away day offers your employees a valuable break from the regular day to day of their jobs, but it’s more than a day off. It allows them to build key skills in communication and problem solving, while at the same time improving their collaborative skills. Through even just one simple properly planned away day, your business can stand to benefit considerably.

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