Plan to visit Dubai? Checkout the Latest SIM Cards and Prices in the UAE

Plan to visit Dubai? Checkout the Latest SIM Cards and Prices in the UAE

Planning a trip to Dubai and need to ensure you stay connected? Here’s a comprehensive guide on purchasing a SIM card in Dubai, including where to buy one, the costs involved, and other valuable insights.

Where to Purchase a SIM Card:

Dubai offers several convenient options for obtaining a SIM card:

Dubai International Airport: Upon your arrival in Dubai, you can easily purchase a SIM card at the airport. Look for kiosks or stores operated by local mobile providers such as Etisalat or du. They offer a variety of prepaid SIM card options.

Malls and Shopping Centers: Dubai is renowned for its extravagant malls, and you’ll often find stores of major telecom providers within these shopping centres. This makes it convenient to pick up a SIM card while you shop.

Local Retailers: Many small shops and convenience stores in Dubai sell SIM cards. Simply look for signs from well-known telecom providers or ask the store attendants for assistance.

Online: Some providers offer the option to order SIM cards online and have them delivered to your location, which can be particularly useful if you want your SIM card ready upon arrival.

Choosing a Mobile Provider:

Dubai is served by two major telecom providers: Etisalat and du. Both offer reliable coverage and service quality. When deciding on a provider, consider factors like coverage area, international calling rates, and data packages. You can visit their official websites or consult their representatives at the airport or stores to compare plans and select the one that best suits your requirements.

SIM Card Prices:

SIM card prices in Dubai vary depending on the provider and the package you choose. They typically come in three categories:

Starter Packs: These basic packages include a SIM card and a limited amount of credit for talk time and data. Starter packs are suitable for short-term visitors and usually cost around AED 25 to AED 50 (approximately $7 to $14).

Tourist Packages:

Specifically designed for tourists, these packages offer more data, international calling options, and longer validity. The price range is between AED 50 and AED 100, or around $14 and $28. You can also buy a DU tourist SIM card which is also available free. You will not get any package and top-up in it. So, you have to recharge before using this.

Monthly Plans: If you anticipate being in Dubai for an extended period, you may want to think about subscribing in a billing period.

These usually offer a more extensive range of features and perks and cost AED 100 and above every month (approximately $28 and above).

Activating Your SIM Card:

It’s important to enable the cellphone SIM card as soon as you receive it. The entire process usually entails putting the SIM card into your phone, registering the details of your identity, and complying with the instructions that are provided. according to your status in Dubai, you might need to produce a copy of your passport, visa, or Emirates ID for this. Pay close attention to the registration instructions to prevent any service problems.

Top-Up Options:

To use these SIM cards, you have to recharge or Top-up your SIM card online or visit any nearest retailers and shops. You can use these methods too:

Recharge Cards: These make it simple to add credits to your wallet and are accessible at retailers, kiosks, as well as machines that vend. 

Mobile Applications: A lot of providers have apps for cell phones which make it easier to manage your account, check your consumption, and recharge your balance.

Online: Most providers have online portals where you can log in and top up your balance using a credit or debit card.

Auto-Recharge: Some providers offer auto-recharge services, ensuring you always have credit without the hassle of manual top-ups.

Data Packages and Offers:

Dubai’s telecom providers frequently introduce data packages and special promotions that offer excellent value, especially if you plan to use data extensively during your stay. Be sure to check for any ongoing promotions, which may include additional data, international minutes, or discounts.



  • Everyday Data Packs: Starting at AED 25 for 150MB per day, up to AED 100 for 1GB per day.
  • Monthly Data Add-Ons: Starting at AED 30 for 2GB, up to AED 150 for 20GB.


  • Freedom Plans: Starting at AED 128 per month for 10GB of data and 500 local and international minutes.
  • Emirati Freedom Plans: Starting at AED 750 per month for unlimited data and local and international calls.



  • Tourist Sim: Starting at AED 55 for unlimited data and 200 flexi minutes for 14 days.
  • Everyday Data Packs: Starting at AED 25 for 150MB per day, up to AED 100 for 1GB per day.


  • Mobile Plans: Starting at AED 128 per month for 10GB of data and 500 local and international minutes.
  • Unlimited Data Plans: Starting at AED 197 per month for unlimited data.

Special Offers

  • Etisalat: Get 20% off monthly rental for 6 months on selected Freedom plans.
  • du: Get 50% off Home Wireless Advance and enjoy unlimited data with an optional 5G Plug-n-Play router at no extra charge.

These packages can be changed by the time period so, I will suggest you to check the latest prices on Du, Etisalat and Virgin mobile data menu or calling the helpline, visit the website.

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