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Places Where I Can Put a Vending Machine

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Being a semi-absentee business facility vending machine business is what enchants most people nowadays.

The initial step to establishing a profitable vending machine business is to find the perfect location for it.

It should be placed where a customer can easily access it and won’t have to look for it in the nook and corners of the location.

Now the question arises can you place a vending machine wherever you desire?

Technically yes, but legally no, it is portable, so it can be placed anywhere, but since it exhibits a business nature, you are bound to get a legal permit to start a vending machine business.

A location with a massive footfall may be considered ideal for placing a vending machine as it increases the chances of generating higher revenue.

What are the Factors that Determine the Best Locations?

According to Wendor, these are the top suitable location for a vending machine, it is necessary to keep in mind a set of factors that influence the decision for the same.

1.  The Footfall of the Location

For any business to attract the maximum number of people, a site with massive footfall is like an elixir.

A vending machine located at a place enjoying high traffic can prove to be the most profitable location for a business.

Popular markets or hubs in the city and shopping malls are such places or near parks where people can easily access snacks after their tiring walks.

2.  Competition

Every business faces competition, so a vending machine should be placed keeping this factor in mind.

If you have grocery stores or vendors nearby, you might want to set a lower price for the items in the vending machine to get a competitive edge.

Placing a machine with the latest and exciting features and offering various kinds of products can work in your favor.

3.  Distance from the Storage Unit

These machines don’t require regular maintenance, but timely restocking is necessary.

This is the sole reason why you should consider placing your vending machine near your warehouse or storage unit.

If it is located far away, the transportation cost incurred would add to your expenses, and the process would be time-consuming.

4.  Under the Roof or Outside

Placing a vending machine outside would be beneficial if you are dealing in beverages. People having a stroll in a park or children playing on the ground might feel the need to hydrate themselves and use the vending machine.

Placing it outside also means that they are more prone to theft and damage than inside. Placing it under a roof or inside the walls of an office would require a convenient place.

5.  Adequate Power Supply and Internet Connection

Vending machines are electronic devices that consume electricity to function.

Before placing a vending machine, you should ensure the site has adequate facilities to supply electricity. In case of power cuts, there should be backups ready to provide smooth functioning.

If you offer payment through a QR code scanner or UPI ID, you might want to ensure that the site furnishes you with a stable internet connection. A stable net connection would not hinder the payment process.

Places for Vending Machine Installation

After analyzing the factors for an appropriate location, let’s discuss the places where you can actually install a vending machine.

1.  Offices

While working in your workspace, you often crave snacks.

Stepping out of the office to grab something to eat might not be feasible for all, here vending machines are what come to the rescue. Having a vending machine installed in the canteen saves time and is a perfect option.

2.  Hospitals and Clinics

Vending machines act as a means of refreshment for doctors, nurses, hos[pital staff, and visitors.

Without going to a restaurant, you can choose your favorite meals, even patients can have a snack once in a while during their treatment if they’re bored with the hospital food.

3.  Gyms

After rigorous exercises in the gym, you prefer a healthy snack rather than going out for a meal in a restaurant.

Vending machines offering healthy and low-calorie snacks are a perfect fit for gyms and gym-goers. Not just the gym goers but the trainers can also benefit from the services these vending machines have to offer.

4.  Hotels and Restaurants

Restaurants and Hotels experience tremendous footfall each day, especially during the festive or holiday season.

Not every guest would prefer paying for a full meal, so instead of going out to have street food, you can just access a vending machine located inside the hotel.

5.  Schools, Colleges, and Educational Institutions

Installing a vending machine on school campuses can be an excellent source of revenue.

Vending machines can be a quick mood refresher for students between classes. Students living alone in different cities often struggle to make their own meals and hence, can use a vending machine.

6.  Amusement Parks

Amusement parks experience a huge load of crowds for nearly the whole day. Vending machines prove to be an easy source of snacks.

It often happens that people find the food offered by stalls in such places to be overpriced, so they might consider buying from a vending machine.

7.  Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, and Bus Stops

While waiting for your flight or train, you might crave a snack, and if vending machines are near you can easily get rid of that craving.

It gets tiring waiting for your mode of transport, so a vending machine in these locations can ease your boredom a bit.

8.  Shopping Malls and Apartment Complexes

Shopping for a whole day is exhausting, using a vending machine instead of going to the food court, as usual, can give a new experience to the customers.

Grabbing a quick snack without paying excessive prices would be preferred by people.

Having a vending machine in your apartment complex can help refresh older people to grab a drink while enjoying their walks and for children to have a quick snack while playing.

Final Thoughts

A vending machine is a boon for the human race. It provides you easy access to your favorite snacks at a minimal cost.

They are portable and can be installed any and everywhere as long as you obtain a license. From educational institutions to workplaces, hotels to stations, shopping malls to markets where a large crowd can avail the facility.

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