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Places To Visit In Sicily In 2023


Tourists should have paid more attention to the Italian peninsula for too long. From their travels from Venice to Florence and then Rome, they have an insatiable appetite for fine cuisine. The southern region of Italy was not typically on tourists’ radars and was not seen as a necessity. 

Sicily is the largest island in Italy, so many tourist destinations exist. This ancient land features several archipelagos and islets, some of which are home to world-famous beaches. Sicily’s year-round attraction stems from its mild climate, fascinating past, tasty cuisine, lively nightlife, and, most importantly, warm and welcoming locals. You’ve come to the right place if a trip to Sicily is in your future; here, you’ll find plenty of information to help you plan your trip.


Both visitors and natives agree that this picturesque spot is the best place to spend a vacation by the sea in all of Sicily. Cefalù, on the northern coast of Sicily, is a popular seaside vacation spot in the Palermo Province. Cefalù’s golden beach is conveniently close to the city’s historic core and winding Medieval alleyways with numerous shops and eateries.

In addition, Cefalù is home to a beautiful cathedral dedicated to the Roman Catholic faith. It is one of nine buildings comprising the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale.


About a million people live in and around Sicily’s capital, Palermo. The metropolis has plenty to offer in addition to its essential Arab and Norman past. 

To fully experience all that Palermo has to offer, a stay of at least two or three nights is suggested. The Palermo Cathedral, the third-largest opera theatre in Europe (Teatro Massimo), and the exceptional Archeological Museum Salinas are all significant historical structures worth seeing in the city.


Menfi is a minor agricultural hub between Selinunte and Sciacca in southern Sicily. It has the unpretentious charm of a typical Sicilian town, with vine-covered slopes that give way to sandy dunes and seaside coves. The Lido Fiori, Tower di Porto Palo, and Museo Malacologico are just a few of the famous tourist attractions that make it worth the journey.


Situated on the northwest coast of Sicily, Scopello is a lovely fishing village that no visitor to the island should miss. Located only 45 minutes from Sicily’s bustling capital of Palermo, this modest fishing village in the province of Trapani is a top contender for “most beautiful village in sun-drenched Sicily.


The beautiful city of “Siracusa” in Italian is located in the island’s southeastern corner. Ortigia island, connected to the mainland by a short footbridge, and the city of Siracusa proper can be considered separate entities. 

Its archaeological region features several historic buildings, notably temples, a theatre, an amphitheatre, and a cemetery, all of which attest to the city’s status as Greece’s preeminent metropolis in the past. Most of the island’s allure can be experienced simply by strolling through Ortigia, also known as Città Vecchia (Old City).


Marsala is home to many vineyards and wineries where you may sample some of Italy’s finest vintages if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur. Recognize the work that went into creating a unique bottle of wine. This stunning port city is more than a convenient place to stock up on alcohol before leaving Sicily. It is also an important cultural centre, preserving the traditions of many Italians. In addition, visitors from around the globe come here to engage in wind sports such as kite surfing.

Are you a lover of the beach? The peace and calm of San Teodoro and Punta Tramontana make them two of the best beaches in Marsala. You may spend a tranquil day basking in the sun with your loved ones or good friends on either of these beaches because of how quiet they are.


Villas and hotels dot the island’s coastlines everywhere you look. Villas are a popular choice for tourists visiting Sicily. So, if you’re planning a trip there and need somewhere to stay, we recommend checking out Select Sicily Villas

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