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Piwik PRO with first secure, enterprise-ready Google Analytics alternative on Swedish servers

Google Analytics alternative

The analytics platform Piwik PRO is now launching a more secure alternative to Google Analytics that ensures full control of data and is GDPR compliant. Together with the Swedish cloud company Elastx and the Nordic agency Knowit Experience, Piwik PRO offers the first EEA-operated and hosted analytics solution on the market.

Piwik PRO is teaming up with Swedish companies Elastx and Knowit Experience to provide the first enterprise-ready, Sweden or EEA-hosted alternative to Google Analytics, with the first customers onboarded in January. While it originates from Piwik PRO’s commitment to privacy and security, the news is particularly important in the light of Google Analytics being recently pushed out of Europe due to international data transfers. 

After the Schrems II judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union, US cloud-based analytics services came in for heavy scrutiny in Europe. The recent decision of the Austrian data protection authority, DSB, casts yet another shadow over transatlantic transfers of analytics data. According to the DSB, Google Analytics violates the rules of GDPR. Under US surveillance laws, all US companies have to share data with US authorities. Because of that, Google’s platform doesn’t offer adequate protection required by the EU regulation.

This means serious compliance risks for every EU organization that uses Google Analytics – especially for the public, healthcare and finance sectors that deal with sensitive data. It’s also a clear signal that companies that collect personal details of EU residents should keep this data in Europe, where strong privacy regulations apply.

Where the customer data is stored and who can access it is a growing concern for organizations that want to be privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant. This requirement can’t be met with Google Analytics and the majority of the enterprise analytics solutions available on the market.

Joakim Öhman, CEO at Elastx 

GDPR-friendly enterprise analytics services come to the rescue

The joint offer of Piwik PRO, Knowit Experience, the leading digital agency in the Nordics, and Elastx, a provider of safe public cloud based in Sweden, caters to the needs of enterprise organizations handling personal details of EU residents. Because the three companies are not subject to US surveillance laws, data will never be shared with third parties or foreign intelligence, which removes the risk of the Google Analytics situation explained above.

We see a growing demand from our clients for privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant analytics alternatives. We are excited to become an exclusive partner to Piwik PRO in Sweden and happy that we will be able to cater to these needs starting today. 

Pernilla Vinneby, CEO at Knowit Experience 

The offer combines advanced analytics software, expert consulting, EEA-based hosting and full control over data. 

This combination of products and services allows enterprise-level organizations to obtain all the data they need and at the same time comply with the laws. It’s a next level analytics package that will allow EU organizations to thrive in a privacy-friendly online future.    

Maciej Zawadziński, CEO at Piwik PRO

The services include:

  • An analytics suite consisting of analytics, tag manager and consent manager provided by Piwik PRO
  • Analytics consultancy and expertise provided by Knowit Experience, a leading digital agency in the Nordics
  • EEA-based hosting, ensuring the highest security and privacy standards provided by Elastx 

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is an EU-based company with over 200 customers including LinkedIn, ŠKODA Auto, Crédit Agricole and the European Commission. Private- and public-sector organizations partner with Piwik PRO for powerful, privacy-compliant analytics software. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite provides flexible data collection and reports in addition to consent management, tag management and a customer data platform.

Knowit Experience

Knowit Experience is the biggest digital agency in the Nordics. They develop products for web and mobile, with a strong focus on great user experiences. Their extensive expertise and many prize-winning projects, ensure you get the technical solution you need, whether it is made from scratch or based on your existing one.


Swedish cloud service provider committed to open source and automation. Its services are locally produced and sustainable. As an Elastx customer, you get first-class 24/7 support provided by our Swedish staff. The cloud provider takes pride in ensuring flexible solutions without any technical or commercial lock-in. Elastx’s offerings, built to facilitate the delivery of your business-critical services, enable you to focus on the further development of your own business.

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