Pisqol’s Fractional Solana NFT Marketplace Set to Revolutionise the NFT World Permanently

Piqsol Inc. has announced the launch of the first fractional NFT engine in the world on Solana set for April 29, 2022. Using a simple and interactive web-based platform, this innovative marketplace facilitates NFT ownership by allowing millions of middle-class and lower-income investors across the globe within reach of high-value NFTs.

PISQOL also announced that individuals will be able to join the Piqsol Decentralised Autonomous Organization using the Piqsol utility token, which will be live on 15 April 2022. Furthermore, on 10 May 2022, the project’s development team aims to release an exclusive 5,000-piece NFT collection. You can discover more about this project at and sign up for the private beta.

Main Features of Pisqol

According to Pisqol’s CEO, Priven Reddy, this platform seeks to transform the NFT sector and make NFT adoption more accessible to the general public. It not only lowers the cost of acquiring tokenized assets but also shortens the time it takes to master NFT.

Thanks to this novel platform, it will make the NFT minting process easier. In only 60 seconds, users can mint their NFTs by simply typing in the description, title, the number of pieces, and the respective social media links. It facilitates lazy minting whereby the user does not have to pay for gas fees until their asset sells. In addition, the platform allows image-based, video, or audio NFT fractionalization.

Piqsol’s main objective is to distribute NFT ownership by allowing several people to hold a tokenized asset. NFT’s owners can easily distribute portions of their assets in tokens based on their contributions. In turn, this democratises ownership and ensures that future metaverses are accessible.

It is also worth noting that the first NFT collection from Piqsol will be a collector’s edition trading card that will grant users priority access to various events and even the option to receive monthly sharing of revenue on the Piqsol platform perpetually for its token staking and the NFT Collection Holders.

Other unique features of this platform include:

  • The ability to connect and communicate with other NFT holders on the platform to make offers
  • Copyright documentation that allows owners to legally sell/assign their ownership rights
  • Provenance to show the origin and ownership of the token

PIQSOL is set to launch on 15 April 2022, to become the world’s largest non-fungible token trading platform. Investing in the PIQSOL token grants easy access to fractional NFTs with immense growth potential. Given that the company is still fairly new and an independent entity, its team aims to raise money to continue developing this platform and, as such, offer PISQOL (PQL) tokens to its investors.

About Pisqol Holdings Inc.

Piqsol Holdings Inc. is a worldwide technology company that offers a simple-to-use and understand fractional NFT platform on the Solana blockchain that is simple to use. Based in the UK, Piqsol is managed by a global team of specialists with more than 17 years of expertise in the production of mobile applications, software, and blockchain products. 

The CEO of the company is IT entrepreneur, Priven Reddy. He has set up the platform in a manner in which users can mint, purchase, trade, and transfer copyright to fractionalized NFTs using Pisqol. The platform also works with a reputable third party to provide a multichain minting system and NFT authentication service. 

PISQOL, Pisqol’s utility token, will go on sale on 15 April 2022. The company has offices in Delaware in the United States and London in the United Kingdom. It is currently in the process of obtaining a virtual asset licence in the Middle East, as well as building NFT tech centres across Africa in the months ahead. Visit for additional information.

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