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Pipe Threading Machines in Kenya

A tool for creating threads or grooves in the ends of pipes is a pipe threading machine. This creates a leak-proof seal and enables pipes to connect securely. Pipe threading machines can be run manually, electrically, or hydraulically and come in a variety of sizes and types. 

To cut the threads into the pipe, they typically include a chuck, a spindle, a cutting head, and dies. The threads can be cut into the pipe because the machine rotates the pipe while keeping the dies still. These devices are frequently employed in the mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing sectors.


A pipe threading machine is a plumbing tool used to cut threads at the end of a pipe, allowing the pipe to be screwed. They are available in different sizes and designs. The most important element of any machine is the screw thread. The screw thread sizes for different purposes vary from a fraction to mm as high as 300mm. 

Some considerations to make when purchasing a pipe threading machine 

There are a number of features to assess when purchasing a pipe threading machine. Some of the most crucial elements are listed below: 

  • Threading capacity

Find a machine that can accommodate your needs in terms of threading capacity. The amount of threading work you must complete will determine this.

  • Pipe size and material

Take into account the size and type of pipes you’ll be using. Ensure that the machine you select can handle the pipe diameter and material you need to thread. 


Some of the advantages of pipe threading machines are as follows: 

First, it is used for mass production, increasing the company’s total production. Secondly, accurate threading can be done compared to threading done by man since man is prone to errors, but a machine is more accurate. Furthermore, setting and operating time is less since it is easy to set up a machine. 

Moreover, several skilled laborers are less, unlike threading done by humans, where much labor is required. Additionally, centering of work is easy as threading with a machine makes it easier to control your work. Lastly, the pipe threading machine can do both external and internal threading.


In every good aspect of something, there is always a bad aspect of it, and below are the disadvantages of pipe threading machines. First, only a single start thread can be done, unlike in threading done by laborers; many threads can be done at first, provided there is enough labor. Secondly, threading can be done upto 1.

Working principle

Additionally, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using the machine, which includes reading the manual, donning the appropriate safety gear, maintaining a tidy workspace, avoiding overloading it, using the right cutting oil, operating it correctly, and carrying out routine maintenance.


The use of a suitable pipe threading machine is the best way to improve the company’s production. This machine has few disadvantages compared to its advantages, proving that it has few losses or risks.

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