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Pioneering Insurance Brokerage As One Insurance Group Specializes in Honest Approach

Pioneering Insurance Brokerage

As One Insurance Group (As One) is a privately held insurance brokerage specializing in offering clients life, health, and ancillary insurance benefits. The Phoenix-based insurance brokerage is simplifying insurance by creating straightforward, honest, and transparent product information and communications. 

The firm provides a wide range of life and health insurance products and is focused on equipping agents and clients with the tools needed to manage their needs. This includes advanced education/training, innovative technology solutions, group benefits, and best-in-class service. 

Forged from over 100 years of industry experience, we work with and for agents, clients, and carriers together as one!” says J.R. Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of As One.  

Innovative Population Health Strategy

The firm prides itself on its in-depth and comprehensive population health knowledge, and has developed an incredible health insurance strategy called Health Navigator™, which is already revolutionizing healthcare.

As One has quickly achieved benchmark status in the population health world by disrupting the healthcare landscape through Health Navigator™. According to Chief Strategy Officer Brandon Bullock, “Over the years we have seen the number of those without access to healthcare shrink. While the numbers are a positive sign, 10 percent of Americans still have no access to care. We’re looking to close that gap.”

Furthermore, As One is offering Health Navigator™ alongside its proprietary sales platform which leverages electronic processing to speed up the sales process.

Transparency, Training and Technology 

Key factors at As One revolve around transparency in all their product offerings. To add to that, the tech-savvy firm utilizes a proprietary sales platform and CRM for straight-through electronic processing. They also offer advanced agent training and extensive sales tools with access to an impressive nationwide distribution channel.

Eliminating ambiguity and making things simple:

Clearly-outlined, super simplified and clear messaging, along with constant engagement and unwavering focus, is what As One is intent on delivering to clients and agents alike. “We have a common goal to protect our health and our lives,” says Jordan. “However, there can be so many twists and turns when navigating insurance and messages can get mixed up.”

As One prides themselves on the lack of ambiguity in their product offering and approach, striving to bring comprehension of sound insurance practice to everyone. “With the right tools at their fingertips, our team and agents show tremendous courage everyday fighting to fix health insurance,” says Jordan. 

An Executive Team of Industry Leaders

As One is spearheaded by a robust team of insurance industry professionals boasting over 100 years of combined experience. “We’re a strong team that works as one,” Jordan says. And an incredible team they are, with CEO Jordan bringing 25 years of insurance industry experience  with a specialized focus in ancillary products, namely critical illness and accident insurance.

James Jordan joins his brother at As One as Chief Revenue Officer, bringing his deep experience in sales, marketing, product development, finance and agent training to the table. Licensed since the age of 18, Jordan has familiarized himself with every facet of the insurance industry.

Bullock leads strategy and product portfolio, unifying branding, legal, and product development. He formerly worked as strategic advisor for healthcare strategy at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina and joined As One from Aspida, where he most recently served as director of life product innovation and strategy.

Joining the team as Vice President of Marketing and Branding is Caterina Pontoriero, with Brandon Diggs as Chief Technology Officer. Diggs specializes in connecting people to insurance products, having previously founded MarketCentric, an insurance marketing and technology company. Pontoriero made her mark immersing herself in all aspects of marketing and is an integral part of the As One team. 

Ryan Sharrah is the Vice President of Business Development at the firm and has been in the insurance industry for 20 years. Sharrah served as Vice President of Call Center Distribution at the IHC Group, managing relationships with large national accounts.

At As One, there is no ‘head of the table; we all sit at a round table and everyone has a voice,” Jordan says.

A Final Thought

As One are striving to make straightforward, honest, and transparent product information and communications the norm, bringing much clarity to clients and providing resources to agents for a simple, smooth and comprehensive insurance offering. Their excellent agent training and nationwide distribution channels will surely propel this company with its century of combined experience to the forefront of insurance innovation.   

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