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Pioneering AI in Sales: An Exclusive Interview with Convolo’s CEO, Johan Nilsson

Convolo CEO Johan Nilsson - Pioneering AI in Sales

Artificial Intelligence has transformed several industries over the last decade, and the sales industry is no exception. Technology has become a crucial pillar for companies looking to optimize their sales funnel and convert leads into tangible profits. As one of the tech industry’s most acclaimed visionaries Peter Thiel advises, “If you do something new, it will always look a little bit strange.” Today, we’re exploring one of those ‘strange’ yet impressive innovations: Convolo, an AI-powered communications platform revolutionizing lead conversion.

A standout in the lead conversion landscape, Convolo has harnessed the power of AI to transform how businesses interact with potential clients. With its platform, businesses can contact leads in less than a minute, resulting in impressive conversion rates. Guiding this radical shift in lead conversion technology is Johan Nilsson, CEO and co-founder of Convolo, an AI expert and entrepreneur who was recently invited to join the Forbes Technology Council.

Q: Johan, tell us about how Convolo came to be. What was the motivation behind it?

Johan Nilsson: Convolo was born out of a simple observation – most businesses take way too long to follow up on a lead. I recall a time as a software consultant when scheduling conflicts led to a weeks-long delay in a follow-up call with a potential client. Despite their initial interest, the delay resulted in losing that client. It was a wake-up call about the importance of immediate follow-up in lead conversion. 

We realized that companies were missing out on potential sales due to this delay, and we saw a chance to make a real difference. With my background in software engineering and a keen interest in emerging technologies, I knew we could harness AI to provide a solution. Today, Convolo is that solution, leveraging AI to ensure businesses don’t lose out on potential sales due to delayed responses.

Q: Convolo’s speed in contacting leads is impressive. Why is this so critical for businesses?

JN: Every minute a lead goes unattended, the chance of conversion decreases. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, businesses that contact leads within an hour are nearly seven times more likely to have meaningful conversations with key decision-makers than those who wait even an hour more. That’s a significant difference in potential sales. And that’s where Convolo’s rapid response comes in – we get you in touch with your leads in less than 60 seconds.

Q: Could you share a standout moment where Convolo made a significant difference for a business?

JN: Absolutely! One of our earliest clients was a small online business struggling to turn their leads into sales. After incorporating Convolo into their website, their lead generation and conversion rates soared. They saw an increase in leads by 50%, and their lead-to-deal close rate improved by threefold. The client was ecstatic, and seeing their success was a real validation of Convolo’s impact.

Q: How does Convolo leverage AI to enable such quick lead follow-ups?

JN: At its core, Convolo is built on advanced AI algorithms that can efficiently route incoming leads to available sales agents in seconds. It’s a seamless process that ensures minimal wait time and optimal customer engagement. Plus, our system learns over time, improving its efficiency and effectiveness. It’s AI at its best!

Q: Looking towards the future, what can we expect from Convolo?

JN: We’re constantly working on enhancing our AI-powered platform to ensure we’re delivering the best for our clients. We’re looking into deeper data analytics features, providing our clients with even more insightful understandings of their leads and conversion processes. In addition, we aim to further reduce the lead follow-up time. We started with a target of 60 seconds, but who’s to say we can’t get it down to 30? We’re constantly pushing the limits to increase end customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we’re also working on solutions for in-house sales teams. In 2022, for instance, we released Convolo Dialer, a software product that enables sales agents to dial through more than 100 contacts per hour – a fivefold increase compared to conventional agent activity.

Convolo’s pioneering approach in lead conversion paints an optimistic future for businesses striving to improve their sales strategies. Under Johan Nilsson’s leadership, the boundaries of what AI can achieve in sales continue to expand. As we move forward in this digital era, Convolo and its rapid lead conversion technology stand as testaments to the fact that indeed, in the world of sales, every second counts.

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