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Piixpay Introduces Support of USDT and USDC Stablecoins for Instant Crypto-to-IBAN Transactions

Two new stablecoins – Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) – have been added to the list of assets accessible for immediate crypto-to-IBAN payouts on PiixPay, a European regulatory cryptocurrency payment provider. From now on, all PiixPay users can transfer their Tether and USD Coin into Euro seamlessly within just several clicks. The newly adopted cryptocurrencies were added to the five those digital assets already available for all PiixPay users (BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, ETH).

USDT and USDC coins are now available for standard crypto-to-euro trades and the Instafill option. The latter allows users connecting their existing crypto wallet address with an IBAN to receive EURO to their bank accounts each time the affiliated crypto wallet gets an incoming transfer. 

With two top stablecoins onboard, PiixPay becomes a premiere option for those users willing to avoid the risks brought by the market’s volatility. Whether you are constantly receiving the payments in USDT or other top-ranked crypto assets or want to convert your savings into fiat, the PiixPay team will offer a solution that fully corresponds to your needs. 

As stablecoins are gaining more and more interest among the crypto community and institutional players, the support of top-tier USD-pegged currencies unveils new abilities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals from 102 countries, allowing them to execute daily Euro transactions with USDT and USDC in a matter of a few clicks. 

With the support of corporate accounts, business owners are welcome to take advantage of the essential features. Namely, with PiixPay, SME and SMB owners can make payments as a company and simplify their accounting. Business accounts also allow paying salaries and accepting crypto payments in e-commerce. With the invoice transaction history and user-friendly accounting, PiixPay serves as a ready-to-go and handy payment provider.

Additionally, PiixPay has recently introduced a brand new discount program that allows to save up to 31% on the exchange fees. Besides, users are welcome to utilize PiixPay as a service to pay daily bills (electricity, internet, bank loans, school taxes, and other utilities) through the app’s interface only by filling in the necessary information about the service provider and specifying the amount in Euro.

When asked for a comment, Evald-Hannes Kree, the CEO and Founder at PiixPay emphasized the importance of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency payments flow. 

“PiixPay has taken another step towards widespread crypto adoption, as we are pleased to welcome USDT and USDC. We are all aware of how important stablecoins are, particularly when it comes to crypto payments. That is why we couldn’t be more pleased to fulfill a wider range of clients’ needs by including Tether and USD Coin to the list of cryptocurrencies available for instant crypto-to-IBAN transfers.”

About PiixPay

PiixPay is a European-regulated crypto company offering instant crypto-to-fiat payment solutions. PiixPay payment service gives access to seamless crypto payouts to the IBAN account of choice. Instafill option enables linking the crypto wallet address with IBAN to automatically convert all chosen crypto-asset incomings to EURO.

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