Phone Cooler Reviews: Does It Really Work? Or Is It A Scam? Read Gamer Report

These days, mobile gaming on smartphones generates a lot of revenue. The vast majority of smartphones, on the other hand, have thermal restrictions that are rather tight, which means that gaming performance might suffer when a chipset hits temperatures that are not ideal for its operation. Some Android devices designed specifically for gaming have attempted to address this issue by including internal active cooling systems. 

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About Phone Cooler

Phone Cooler is a device that is intended to be attached to the back of a smartphone, such as an iPhone or an Android, and to blow air on the back of the device in order to assist in the dissipation of heat and to prevent a smartphone from slowing down as a result of being too hot. The iPhone model attaches itself to the back of a compatible device by ingeniously using Apple’s MagSafe adapter technology. The Android model (and the iPhone variant that does not have a MagSafe adapter) employs a regular clamp to do the same task. 

The fact that it needs an external power supply via USB-C is the one clear disadvantage it has, and this may restrict its utility for gaming while on the go. On the other hand, it might be exactly what more serious mobile gamers want in order to assist reduce decreased frame rates. 

Although being designed with a mobile experience in mind, the fan does not seem to have an internal battery. This means that in order to use it, it will need to be hooked into a power source that accepts USB-C connections. This is likely to restrict how helpful the fan will be for mobile gaming. 

In terms of the actual cooling capabilities, it has a thermoelectric cooler, a heat sink made out of aluminum, and a fan with seven blades that can reach speeds of up to 6400 revolutions per minute. This allows it to remove extra heat from the phone. As can be expected from gaming gear, there are 12 RGB lights that can be customized to one’s liking. 

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Innovative Smartphone Cooling Technology Designed to Achieve Optimal Temperature Performance 

Its electronic Peltier cooling tile removes heat from the smartphone and disperses it with a strong yet silent 7-blade fan, guaranteeing that the device has maximum airflow while producing the least amount of noise possible. 

Defeat the sweltering heat 

With the help of the Phone Cooler, one can beat the heat. The device is powered by cutting-edge cooling technology for improved gaming performance and unparalleled levels of illumination customization. Users can maintain their composure even as competition among smartphones heats up. 

iPhone and Android versions are both available

A smartphone cooling fan is the ideal accessory for mobile gaming experience, regardless of the kind of smartphone being used since it is compatible with the MagSafe port on iPhones and has designs that clamp onto Android devices. 

What may be found inside the package? 

Twelve RGB LEDs for the most dazzling effect 

Users will be able to unleash brighter, more polished lighting effects for better flair and game immersion no matter where they are, thanks to the 12 adjustable RGB LEDs that are built underneath the fan. 

USB Type-C Power Cable, designed for simple operation 

A USB Type-C to USB Type-C connection measuring 1.5 meters is included with the fan so that one may get power quickly and easily while gaming. It requires a matching power adapter. 

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Features of Phone Cooler

Better lighting customization and immersion in the game 

Gamers will have access to the world’s biggest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices, complete with 16.8 million colors, numerous patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects, and they will be able to manage it all from a single, powerful platform. 

Is the phone too warm? Turn on the lights, as well as this fan, and see what happens. 

This indicates that the days when people had to put down their smartphones merely because it was growing so heated that they truly believed it was going to explode might finally be a thing of the past. This is great news. 

This cooling device is essentially a fan. It is available in two different variants: one of them is MagSafe compatible with iPhones, and the other is a general variant with clamps for clipping onto the back of a smartphone. Both of these variants are available for purchase. And as the phone’s temperature rises, it not only brings down the temperature of the phone but also makes it appear rather stylish while doing so. 

The product comes pre-installed with an RGB light system that has 12 programmable RGB LED lights. According to the manufacturer, this system is capable of producing up to 16.8 million colors and limitless patterns, and it can provide dramatic gaming light combinations. 

It comes with a fan that has seven blades and can spin at up to 6400 revolutions per minute. According to the manufacturer, this fan can remove heat from the phone and distribute it with little noise, hence lowering the temperature of the phone. It establishes a connection to a phone using Bluetooth, allowing the user to personalize the light patterns and adjust the speed of the fan in accordance with their preferences. It is not yet known if the application can automatically detect when the temperature of the phone is too high and advise the user to turn on the fan; nevertheless, if it could do this, it would be incredibly cool. 

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It’s nice, but it’s expensive

All of this is available for just $49.95. Expensive, but an excellent and essential product, particularly in this day and age of smartphones that heat up rather often while being used for gaming? However, despite the fact that the concept may be appealing to gamers, there are several components that may not go down too well with consumers. 

To begin, despite the fact that this concept could strike some people as absolutely mind-blowing, the product in question is not the first of its sort to be sold on the market. There are several other smartphone coolers available that are not as pricey. However, they are not manufactured by a company that is as well-known or renowned, and they may not provide the same level of performance or the same range of light effects as this one does. 

Lacking a Battery 

Another issue is that it does not come with its own battery, and there is no option to purchase one separately. This indicates that in order for it to function, it must either be connected to a wall socket or an adaptor. Because of this, users are effectively rendered immobile while using it because they are unable to walk about, play games, or bring down the temperature of their phone when using this device. 

It is not helpful that it comes with a cable that connects Type C to Type C devices, but the cable is just 1.5 meters long. It would have been preferable to have a longer wire. Users have the option to purchase another cable; however, after already spending so much money on something so pricey, it is not possible to spend more money on another cable. 

Time Required to Bring the Temperature Down is Unknown

It is also unknown how long the device will take to bring the temperature back to normal or if one needs to keep it attached while playing power-hungry, temperature-rising games. This is because the Phone Cooler will add weight to the phone, despite making the phone feel cooler. The ideal situation for a gamer would be one in which they did not have a cumbersome attachment on the back of their phone. 

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The product may be purchased in the United States. It is possible that it is extremely intriguing and even helpful for some people. However, it would have been ideal to have a wire-independent gadget (placed a battery in it) and come with a somewhat lower price tag. Even for the most dedicated gamers, it is not absolutely necessary in its present configuration, and at a price it now commands. 


1 Unit – $49.95 

2 Units at $39.98 each Unit = $79.95 Total 

In Conclusion: Phone Cooler

Phone Cooler has a lot of room for improvement, even though it has the potential to be an interesting accessory for mobile phone gamers and has a concept that is, quite literally, quite cool.


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