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Philanthropist Samuel Siebu Discusses His Work With the SOKS Foundation

Samuel Siebu

Samuel Siebu and the SOKS Foundation actively change the lives of young people in Africa. The foundation, founded by Siebu, aims to improve education and literacy among underprivileged female students. While it is true that the organization aims at individuals from Siebu’s native Liberia, he does not see borders as limitations.

About the SOKS Foundation

Samuel Siebu founded the SOKS Foundation to improve educational opportunities for African girls and women, especially those in Liberia. Basic education is difficult to attain in the West African nation, and it is especially more daunting for young women to have access to it. They also do not often receive the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

The SOKS Foundation helps bridge the education gap in Liberia and beyond through scholarships, academic support, covering book expenses, and more.

“Having the courage to attend school, getting there, and succeeding is extremely challenging in Liberia,” Siebu said. “Every aspect of education in this country is a burden, and we’re working to ensure that many less fortunate and poverty-stricken Liberians are not left behind.”

Philanthropist Samuel Siebu Discusses His Work With the SOKS Foundation

SOKS Foundation Scholarship

The organization’s most significant action is providing scholarships for severely underprivileged girls and women so that they are provided an opportunity to make significant contributions to society and the world at large. Recently, Siebu and the foundation provided scholarships to 20 students who maintained academic excellence.

However, Siebu explained he doesn’t plan to stop pursuing more donors and scholarships any time soon. His goal is to send more than 250 girls and women to school on full waiver scholarships.

The girls and women in the program must also put in the effort to better their education. The scholarships remain available as long as they continue to achieve good grades.

Most of the current donations for scholarships come from Siebu himself. However, he believes the organization will receive more and more donors in the coming years.

“The more people become cognizant about the good we do at the SOKS Foundation, the more people will want to donate,” Siebu said. “We will keep putting in the effort because we know the number of lives we can positively change is limitless.”

Inspiration for the SOKS Foundation

Samuel Siebu explained that he founded the SOKS Foundation because he received financial assistance for his schooling in Ghana as a Refugee fleeing the civil war in Liberia. Siebu was born in Liberia and attended St. Patrick High School, then Cuttington University.

He now holds two Master’s Degrees, including a Master of Science with an emphasis on healthcare management and an MBA focusing on human resources. Siebu believes that the United Nations academic scholarship he received as a university student led him to great success. He would like to use that success to help young people in his native country and throughout Africa.

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