Phenom Ecosystem Announces the Development of its Phenom Metaverse — Futuristic Way of Communication

Phenom Ecosystem

Phenom has recorded yet another major milestone by announcing the development of its Phenom Metaverse — the futuristic way of communication. Phenom aims to connect popular devices such as IOS/Android mobile phones, and smartphones in a decentralized network.

The Phenom Ecosystem existing products comprises the Phenom network, Phenom chain, Phenom token, Phenom App, Phenom pay, Phenom exchange, Phenom game. Today, we have the new project Phenom Metaverse —  it is a new innovative development of the company, which is closely related to other products.

The Metaverse is an unseen, consistent layer of collective virtual space that surrounds our world. Since 2020, virtual gigs and performances, the in-game Fortnite and Minecraft festival have become very popular. So-called v-digital characters began to gain popularity, hosting podcasts, recording interviews, or performing concerts all over Japan, which attracted thousands of people. Thus, with the upward trend of changing the formats of products for communication, work, education, and lifestyle, Phenom Metaverse has emerged to offer users the opportunity to build their own worlds with their own economy and purpose.

A Virtual Universe

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the creation of his metaverse, and he intends to fully transfer Facebook to it in the future. But these are still plans. Phenom has already done the first tests and is ready to release its first version on IOS mobile phones. This goes on to show the endless possibilities of the Phenom Ecosystem.

Phenom Metaverse is a virtual universe that’s linked to the Phenom Platform Ecosystem and products. It is a mobile application that serves as a portal to the Phenom space station, wandering between digital 3D worlds, within which users can work, study and simply communicate with other participants. According to the Phenom Metaverse team, ” This technology will become a successor to existing presentation tools, distance learning systems, and voice communications.”

The groundbreaking project’s focus is on the key functionality of Metaverse — communication and space. It’s revolutionizing business events by providing unique communication services for online meetings, voice chats, virtual representations and so on. While at the station in low-earth orbit, participants can view each other’s avatars (characters), communicate by voice and attend virtual events in the presentation room. In this location, the participants have voice chat turned off, but the speaker from the stage can grant them the right to ask their question to the entire audience.

Unlike conventional Metaverses, Phenom Metaverse provides constant development of communication services, continuity of existence — there are no pauses, restarts and saves, phased implementation of the economy based on Phenom financial instruments, and also the prompt reaction of the universe to events both around the company and station for such an event.


The system is powered by Phenom Ecosystem native token — PNT token, that is used for all payment operations in the network. The tokens are used for payments, rewards, investment, and validation of the system. The PNT token will be integrated into the metaverse, which will be the main currency of the platform. Additionally, users can receive tokens by actively participating in Phenom Metaverse.

What more can users expect?

The world is now in an active stage of development. At the first stage, the Phenom Metaverse application will operate on iOS mobile phones, followed by the Android version, and in the future Phenom will focus on user requests. The platform aims to channel its focus on mobile devices because the essence of the metaverse is in instant reactions to events and communication with other people.

A demo version of testing with a limited number of participants will be available at the end of August. Phenom plans to announce the official launch of Metaverse in Q3 2021.

Clearly, the Phenom Ecosystem is just getting started. The Phenom Ecosystem is constantly looking to expand its footprint as it develops innovative and profitable products that offer great value to its community members. Using the Phenom Metaverse, real people and events will be linked with the futuristic way of communication. 

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Company: Phenom Ecosystem

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About Phenom 

Phenom is a decentralized platform that enables the usage of spare smartphone resources for performing computations, processing and storing data. The main goal of the Phenom ecosystem is to unite all popular devices in a decentralized network. Its principle is based on decentralization, transparency, security and mutual benefitting.

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