Phemex brings joy to your home this Christmas

Phemex Christmas Gift

Just when winter hits the northern hemisphere, the holiday mood sets in and reminds us that Christmas is near. All around the world, Christmas brings cheer, excitement, and more business to the global economy. The Web 3.0 universe benefits greatly too from the season’s warmth and generosity for all loved ones. Bitcoin (BTC) was valued at a staggering $24,600 per coin in 2020. It seems like it could only get better for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this year. 

Will Bitcoin touch an all-time high this year, aided by the growth of cryptocurrency business since January 2021? It seems likely, as the market cap for Bitcoin has increased four times since the beginning of the year. The season has come to fill our lives with joy yet again. This year, Phemex promises to add to the merriment with its special gifts and offers. As you know, Phemex is Singapore’s leading cryptocurrency. Its presence in the market this Christmas is bound to catch your attention for many reasons. Let’s have a brief glance at what is on offer with this unique campaign. 

Here’s what you have to do

Participate in Phemex’s Christmas offer to have a chance at winning $120,000 in prizes, including a brand new iPhone13 Pro Max. 

In order to have a chance at winning goodies, log on to and register, using your Phemex UID. Follow the Phemex social media accounts and share posts with your followers. There is a Know Your Customer process that’s required to be completed to ensure eligibility for participating in the campaign. The exchange’s Christmas bonanza last year had a Tesla Model 3 on its prize list, and there’s more this year. 

Win additional gifts and offers if you deposit BTC and Ether (ETH) tokens. Cross the set margin for contract trading volume and tackle a question to increase your chances of winning prizes. The Christmas offer runs from December 14 to December 25, and the results will be posted on January 3, 2022. Prizes will be distributed soon after in the days to come.

The first-place prize is an airdrop, where 1,000 users will share $20,000 worth of prizes. 10 lucky winners will win an iPhone 13 Pro Max as a second-place prize. Fulfill a minimum of 11 campaign requirements to be selected by a lucky draw for this set of prizes. 

There’s more for those who finish requirements involving contract trading volumes. Prizes worth $40,000 await these lucky winners, and a bounty of fourth-place prizes for a total of $40,000 is to be won on deposits made on the exchange.

First past the post gets the prize, so trade to your heart’s content and deposit anytime during the campaign.

Get connected and win this Christmas 

The lucky winners will be informed by email by January 3 on registered IDs from Participation is allowed from a single account, with only main accounts eligible for the prize money and offers. A participant can be disqualified from the contest if found using more than one account. Please ensure that your Phemex UID is correct and your account is connected with a Gleam email address to be able to get the prizes.

Phemex has seen remarkable growth over the last two years, from three contract pairs to supporting over 40 spot pairs, 39 contract pairs, and hosting approximately two million people. It holds events to foster a vibrant exchange within the community. Aggregators such as CoinMarketCap endorse Phemex as one of the premier global derivatives exchanges for online currencies.

Phemex’s campaign aims to celebrate both Christmas and blockchain’s tremendous success this year by sharing its victories with the community that helped it shine in 2021. 

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