Pets are in the Metaverse

Everywhere you go these days, any person that you talk to, it seems as though you cannot get away from the subject of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and now the latest and greatest buzzword: the metaverse. What exactly is the metaverse? It’s a broad spectrum of technologies that people can engage with each other online that includes holograms, cryptocurrency, NFTs, augmented reality, and virtual reality to name a few.

Something very interesting that has come out of the metaverse is a question of ownership. When people have a digital identity in these online worlds, they often have a lot of personalization to their avatars such as skins. Many are taking their NFT purchases to be their representative avatar, even as their profile images. Twitter has taken an even further step to allow NFTs as profile pictures – if you were to click on a person’s profile as NFT, you would see a great deal more data on their NFT attributes, blockchain info, and rarity. Another growing trend happens to be the ownership of hats in the metaverse. There are a number of collections of pets within the metaverse that are of note. One of the earliest collections is known as CryptoKitties. Later came such collections as MetaPets. Both have vibrant and embracing communities.

Learn more about how you too can start you on your own pet ownership inside of the metaverse inside the visual deep dive below:

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic

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