Pet Tech: Now, We Have ‘Invisible Fences’ For Cats

Invisible Fences’ For Cats

They don’t say curiosity killed the cat for nothing. Cats are curious animals, and more often than not, their inborn curiosity gets them into trouble. If you’re a cat parent, you’ll want to keep your furry friend safe from outdoor disasters. One way you can do this is by investing in an invisible fence.

What is an invisible fence, and how does it work?

An invisible fence is also called a radio fence or a wireless fence. This is a fence with an invisible perimeter that helps contain your cat to a chosen safe area. The fence uses a transmitter and a receiver in your cat’s collar that emits a wireless signal such as an electrical shock, sound, or vibration in case your cat tries to go beyond the safety zone.  This wireless signal wards off your pet from crossing the safety zone.

Is an invisible fence necessary?

An invisible fence can be beneficial to cats who are vulnerable but like to go wandering. They keep your outdoor and indoor cat from harm as the invisible fence prevents your cat from exploring beyond safe areas. This keeps your cat safe from disasters such as road accidents, sharp objects, fire, among others.  You can also invest in cat insurance, microchip your cat or get an activity and GPS tracker

Some other ways an invisible fence helps you and your cat include:

  • Helps your cat understand their boundaries
  • Ensures you don’t lose your pet 
  • Gives you peace of mind as this fence allows your furball to maneuver safely in your home

Which is the best invisible fence for your cat?

There is a lot of controversy on whether the use of invisible fences, especially the ones that transmit electrical shock is really humane. 

A 2016 study done by the University of Lincoln in partnership with Feline Friends, an animal welfare charity based in the UK in 2016, sought to determine the impact of long-term exposure of an electronic containment system such as an invisible fence on the welfare and behavior of pet cats. The study found out that there was no difference in the anxiety between the test group and the control group of cats. The conclusion made was that the system does reduce the roaming of cats and its risks without leading to any long term distress. 

If you’re still unsure about the use of an invisible fence, you can choose to use one with a sound or a vibration warning rather than using one with an electrical shock warning.  However, an invisible fence should never be used on your feline if they have a heart condition as the electrical sound or vibration can be painful or too overwhelming for them. Here are some of our best recommended invisible fences that are safe for your cat.

1) PetSafe’s Basic In-Ground Invisible Fence

The PetSafe basic in-ground invisible fence has reliable and durable cat supplies that ensure your cat remains secure even when playing in the backyard. This invisible fence comes with additional flags that act as visual boundaries for your cat. It also has a transmitter, wires, and a receiver collar. The fence can cover about 5 acres, and the system can be used on multiple cats as it has additional collars for other felines. 

Once your fur baby approaches the safety boundary, the waterproof receiver in your cat’s collar gives a warning beep. In case your pet crosses the boundary, the collar produces a gentle static warning through the collar’s metal probes. The best thing about this collar is that you can choose to use just the beep warning and do away with the shock factor.  

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Photo by Paul Bryan on Unsplash

2) PetSafe Pawz Away Barriers for Cats

If you don’t want to deal with numerous wires, consider this wireless fence from PetSafe.

This is a codeless invisible fence that restricts the movement of your feline by use of barriers put on the safety boundary or near anything you want your cat to avoid. Whenever your feline approaches the transmitter, the receiver collar emits an audible sound that warns your pet to get away from the boundary. 

In case your cat continues to walk away from the safety zone, a static correction that lasts three to 15 seconds is emitted. If you have multiple cats, you can buy extra collars for your other pets. Moreover, if you’re on a budget, this fence is affordable.

3) Sport-Dog In-Ground Invisible Fence Kit

This lightning-proof invisible fence has three warning signals, namely sound, shock, and vibration. Besides, you can use it if you have multiple pets, as it can be connected to multiple collars. 

The waterproof collar has a feature that ensures your poet doesn’t wear the battery out by wandering too often near the safety boundary.  The fence also has an indicator that warns you in case an underground wire is cut. This containment system is especially useful if you in addition to your cat you recently adopted a dog as the shock warning is designed for dogs.

An invisible pet fence will keep your cat safe by ensuring they don’t go beyond their safety boundaries. You should train your pet to recognize the warning sounds emitted from the collar before using the fence on them to ensure your cat has an idea of how this device works.

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