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Personal Loan: Where to get them in Singapore and the benefits

Life is all about the next best thing. Whether a new car, a house or going for higher studies overseas, one needs capital to get all the required services. And loans are one of the ways to achieve this.


Loans take money from an individual, government, or private organization at a specific interest rate. Many people do not know what kind of loan would be the best for them or how to apply for it in their country.


Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island country and also a city-state. It is a famous country as it is the global center for finance which offers the best personal loan in Singapore. Additionally, Singapore has a beautiful world-class airport with a waterfall and is famous for its Botanic Garden.


Those living in Singapore who want to apply for a loan should go for a personal loan. 


This guide will help you how to get a personal loan in Singapore and all the related information.

Personal Loans and Where To Get Them

When a bank or a financial institution extends financing to a person and allows them to use it for personal purposes, it is known as a personal loan. It is given as a lump sum by the bank, and the interest starts to apply after the money is transferred to the borrower’s account.

Where To Get Personal Loans?

For getting the best personal loan in Singapore, one must take care of all the documents and necessary certificates, learn about all the steps and follow them accordingly. You can choose the options below and follow their procedures:

  • Banks

Several banks in the country provide the best personal loans to their customers. The main requirement of the banks is that you should have an acceptable credit score. Some banks allow their clients to opt for personal loans without coming to the branch as they already have their details, like personal data and the history of their transactions. 

  • Online Banks

Virtual or online banks are slowly making their place in Singapore to make banking services easy and available to everyone. They offer the same services as traditional financial institutions, but you do not have to be present physically. They save a lot of money because they work online and do not run branches in different cities. 

  • Peer-to-peer

Peer-to-peer loan lending is the latest financing model which allows people to apply for personal loans in the country with the help of web-based services. The main agenda of this model is to cut the middle person from the loan system, which lowers the cost of personal loans. 

Benefits of Getting A Personal Loan In Singapore

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of getting a personal loan:

  • You Are Not Restricted From Using Your Loan In Any Way

It is the main benefit of getting a personal loan. Personal credit can be used for any purpose or wish you want to fulfill, unlike car or home loans which are meant for a specific purpose. You have the liberty to use the money in whichever way you want. You can get a car, a house or spend it on holiday. It all depends on you.

  • It Does Not Need A Collateral Property or An Asset

Primarily, one has to use a car or a property as collateral to get credit but in Singapore, to get a personal loan you do not have to use any collateral. Hence, the bank gives you the loan based on your credit score. It means that your assets won’t be at risk if you cannot pay the interest on your loan.

  • Easy Documentation

In Singapore, the documentation to get a personal loan is straightforward. You must provide proof of address, the latest salary slips, identity, and a bank statement. You must submit these documents to the institution you are applying for the loan. 

  • Money Is Deposited In A Short Time 

The money from the loan is deposited into your bank account immediately after all the procedures are done. Keep in mind that few banks are closed on holidays or weekends, so the deposit might get delayed. Ask your bank for this information. The loan will be transferred more quickly if you are an old client of the institution. 


To conclude, this is all the necessary information you must remember before applying for a personal loan. Make sure that all your documents are up to date and in order. Ask about the procedure of the bank, what is required, the rate of interest applied on the loan, and how long it will take before you get the deposit. Learn about everything you need to know before going for a personal loan.

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