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Personal Injuries: A Complex Legal Landscape

Personal Injuries

When people think of personal injury lawsuits, they typically think of car accidents or work-related injuries. While these may represent most lawsuits, they certainly do not represent all of them. Getting injured due to someone else’s negligence can be the basis for a lawsuit, whether that injury was sustained by intentional malice or not, and cases like this can come about from a myriad of reasons. From boat accidents, to vaping, dog bites, and so much more, accidents cause serious injuries. Everyone leads very busy lives on tight budgets, so missing work from an injury can be very costly. It is important to know what the options are when a major injury occurs.

Slip and Fall Injuries Can Be Fatal

One of the more overlooked injuries that can bring about a lawsuit is slip and fall injuries. Walking through a construction zone without proper signage or safety measures in place can lead to a fall that can injure a person badly. In worst-case scenarios, the victim can hit their head in a way that causes death. This would also lead to a wrongful death lawsuit that Samer Habbas & Associates in San Diego can take help clients with. On the surface, a slip and fall injury does not sound that serious, but it can indeed be serious enough to warrant a lawsuit.

Personal Injuries

Taxi or Ride-Share Accidents Happen Frequently

With the advent of the ride-share industry, taxi cabs are often overlooked when it comes to the chances of getting hurt during a ride. It is not as prevalent as it once was, but there are still taxi cabs doing business, and people who get hurt in the process of going somewhere in one. Taxi companies have expensive insurance policies to cover lawsuits that arise when a passenger or driver gets injured, so don’t think twice about going through the process of getting compensated for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

Vaping and E-Cigarette Injuries

Accidents stemming from vape cartridges used to make the news cycle quite frequently and were often in the public consciousness. These accidents may have fallen out of favor with news agencies, but they still happen, and they still injure people. Batteries exploding is one type of injury that used to be discussed frequently, but so are lung injuries. There is lung cancer, which is an injury when caused by the use of a vape product, but reduced lung capacity from the same source is also considered an injury.

Financial Injuries from Bad Practices

A financial injury is one issue most people don’t even consider. A person can be legally or financially injured by a lawyer’s failure to practice law by the standards of his or her state. Losing a legal case is one thing, but losing because a lawyer did not do his or her job thoroughly is not something that should be taken lightly and can be the basis of a lawsuit. The term injury, when used in this context, is not something most people consider to be a thing. This is called legal malpractice, and it is something that a competent law firm can easily recognize.

Medical Malpractice Is in the Same Vein

There are so many ways that a medical procedure can go wrong, that it is easy to see why these types of lawsuits are so prevalent. From a botched knee replacement, to laser eye surgery, to breast implants and even brain surgery, medical procedures are tricky and sometimes things go wrong. This type of malpractice has a commonality with the previous type: Something happened through the negligence of a doctor or nurse that was a direct result of deviating from the standards of that profession. When it comes to a person’s health and well-being, this is unacceptable.

Elder Abuse Is a Serious Issue

Elder abuse is something no one wants to think or talk about, but it needs to be addressed quickly once it is noticed. There are many reasons that this issue arises, and it can take many forms. Physical and emotional abuse are, unfortunately, quite common, as is neglect and abandonment. Family members can be just as guilty of this as care facilities, so it takes a competent, ethical, and experienced law firm to handle these cases effectively.

Train Accident Injuries Can Be More Severe

Because of the size, weight, and speed of passenger or freight trains, damages caused by train accidents tend to be more severe than all others. Whether the train is of the commuter, subway, or cross-country variety, injuries and damages are not confined only to those on a train. There may also be bystanders who are injured or people in buildings that are injured when a building is damaged or collapses. If a freight train is in an accident, toxic chemicals may be involved, and the damage incurred due to the accident could easily lead to a significant lawsuit. Law firms involved in these cases need to be aggressive above all else.

Recalled Products: Before and After

When a company recalls a product, whether it is a child’s toy or a food product, they do so because someone was injured by that product. Choking, food poisoning, or even death from a defective food or product brings about recalls. Some companies, are either late in making that recall happen, or they don’t do it at all, which can lead to even more injuries. Whichever the case, these are serious public safety issues that, if the companies don’t take seriously, a good lawyer will.

Ours law firm has experience in handling these and other issues. It is understood that the society in which area residents live, work and play in is as complex as the people who live in it. Very few law firms can claim to represent all these complexities with success, empathy, and ethics. Being injured is something no one wants to happen, but when an injury occurs, it is good to know there are firms out here that can represent the public as they seek a reasonable settlement.

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