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“Permission to Lead,” Cindy Monroe’s Venture to Teach Female Entrepreneurs How to Lead Effectively

It is one thing to have ideas in mind and another to inculcate them into reality. To put one’s thoughts into action, one must work tirelessly and have faith in oneself. Working toward goals and upholding the belief to achieve ultimately adds meaning and purpose to life. As a leadership mentor, author, podcast host, and executive chairwoman of Thirty-One Gifts, Cindy Monroe is on a similar path of creating something meaningful through her various ventures.

Cindy Monroe’s Venture to Teach Female Entrepreneurs

Her podcast, “Permission to Lead,” provides potent insights for high-achieving women in business. On her podcast, Cindy presents ways to reach the next level while balancing their business and personal lives.

Through relevant and thought-provoking content, Cindy believes in creating a haven for women in the form of a supportive business community. She invites the world’s boldest CEOs for interviews where they share their journeys and inspire other female leaders.

Another aspect that she highlights through her podcast is how women are often left at crossroads to choose between family or work, which should not be a question. She shares her Flourish Model, which helps women discover how to succeed in all aspects of their lives by setting their intentions, casting their vision, mapping their goals, and driving to achieve those goals. 

Cindy is a wife and mother of two who has dedicated her life to both work and home. Her own ideology and idea behind her venture can be best described in her words, “I am passionate about empowering and supporting women, and I believe that women need to see more representation of female founders running a business while having a marriage and a family. Many women think you can’t have both and must focus on one or the other. But I am here to share that you can do both.” 

To learn more from Cindy about how you can flourish at work and home, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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