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Perfect Places to Re-locate in America with Tech Hubs

Are you stuck at where to find a right home? Stay tuned. One aspect is that you should search for IT companies near me when searching for a home. Most tech companies are mushrooming in growing cities across America. The best thing about such places is that job opportunities are on the rise due to the tech companies coming up.

In cities such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, there are plenty of tech jobs. Still, lifestyle is quite expensive, whereby even professional developers and tech workers find it hard to make life worth enjoying. When searching for IT companies near me, consider the living standards of specific areas because all factors related to living standards should be put into considerations.   

The good news is that there are medium cities experiencing breakthroughs in the technology world. Such towns have many job opportunities, and at the same time, life is bearable, especially when you have top skills in the IT sector. In America, there are many tech hubs where you can get a decent and manageable home from Alabama to Colorado. In such cities, the economy is growing extensively, and there are chances of making it to the top. According to Trulia’s data, we have highlighted the most searched suburbs and areas by people. Let us highlight the places below.

Best places near IT companies to live

Denver, Colorado

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Denver is one of the growing cities in the US in terms of technology and business. The environment is business-friendly as compared to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. According to CBRE reports, the warehouses in the city are being transformed into HQs at a faster rate. Among the services improving in the town include:

  • SendGrid which is an email company
  • Ibotta which is a shopping app developer
  • HomeAdvisor which is an online home repair guide 

Among other achievements is the implementation of Amazon to different cities, Denver being one of them. 

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Aurora, which is located in the east of Denver, is the area that most people search according to Trulia data. The reason why Aurora is the best is the reasonable costs incurred plus the relative distance to downtown. 

Austin, Texas

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According to Glassdoor data, Austin is among the top cities to experience massive tech jobs from 2012 to 2017.  A good number of IT companies have been created, and up to date, the companies have always improved. The best aspect is that the costs of living are manageable compared to the salaries offered. The top brands that have offices in Austin include Amazon, Dell, Google, Apple, Facebook, and IBM. Among the businesses coming up in Austin include ESO solutions and Turnkey Vacation Rentals.

Places to live

Cedar Park tops the list of the most searched areas in Austin, according to Trulia. The reason why most home buyers consider Cedar Park is cost-effectiveness, Good homes, restaurants, and the best environment for schools. 

Huntsville, Alabama

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Also known as Rocket City, Huntsville is a place where Boeing, NASA, and McDonnell companies are located. The companies are specialized in tech and engineering fields. Due to the rise of Huntsville, the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became interested in creating Aerojet and BE-4 rocket engine, something aimed to create massive employment opportunities for many people. According to ZipRecruiter, top jobs in Huntsville are tech-related. 

Places to live

Madison is the city that attracts most people in Huntsville. Tech worker enjoys good salary relating to the costs of living. The city is made up of excellent housing facilities at a considerable cost, a great market, and the best environment for schools. The unique aspect of Madison is the baseball team and stadium, which promotes social activities in the city.

Detroit, Michigan

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Among the best cities in the US with a high employment rate, especially in the tech sector, is Detroit. According to ZipRecruiter, the town was listed as the fastest-growing city in the US. The reason for the massive growth of the town is the big automakers and Detroit’s traditional employers that have contributed to high employment rates. The beneficiaries are software engineers. Other big brands with branches include Microsoft, Twitter, and Google, which are all IT companies. 

Places to live

Dearborn Heights is the place where people prefer to live in. The living costs are considerate relating to the salaries offered. If an average teacher in Dearborn Heights can afford a modern lifestyle, imagine a tech worker. They definitely will spend and be left with a significant balance. Other factors contributing to Dearborn Heights being the best place to live is a conducive environment for schools, shops, and many other businesses creating employment opportunities. 


There are many places to live in the US. However, you should put into consideration some essential factors to have a smooth life. When searching for a home, check the employment rate, the IT companies near, the cost of living, salaries offered, among other factors.

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