Pepe Coin Soars 1000% In 2 Days: What Does This Mean For DigiToads?


Are you among the cryptocurrency users who are yet to give meme coins a try? For a long time, many crypto users didn’t think meme coins could have a future. However, as market statistics show, not only were they proved wrong but meme coins are today one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies. Take the example of Pepe Coin, a meme token that has registered a price increase of 1000% in just two days. Another example of the meteoric rise of meme coins is DigiToads. Built on the Ethereum blockchain network, DigiToads is topping analysts’ cryptocurrency ico list. With a unique economic design and code architecture, the meme coin has taken everyone by surprise with its massive presale success.

Here’s why DigiToads is the best cryptocurrency to buy 

A multi-dimensional model, an easy-to-use interface, lucrative rewards, and a versatile native token – there’s no shortage of reasons why analysts have termed DigiToads among the altcoins to watch out for in 2023. The DigiToads team deserves praise for combining a meme coin, a stake-to-earn platform, and a Web 3.0 game into a single interface and doing it in an uncomplicated manner. The medium of exchange on the network is DigiToads’ native token TOADS. The token is available on presale and there is a mad rush among people to buy it. Sample this: In the past four presale stages, the project has raked in more than $2.21 million. With the fifth stage in full swing, analysts expect the remaining five stages to be stellar successes as well.

If you are interested in trading tokens, DigiToads has an interesting opportunity for you -trading competitions. In these contests, token holders have to give their best while trading tokens, and the users clocking the highest trades win. As a prize, the winners get the Platinum Toad and 10% of the earnings that they fetch for the platform. With these Platinum Toads, the winners would be able to remotely access a part of the treasury fund. With the help of the DigiToads team, these traders will be managing the treasury fund and expanding its size. 

Another earning opportunity that TOADS token holders will be able to access with DigiToads is its Web 3.0 game. As part of the game, players get a chance to win TOADS tokens by defeating other players. For help in trumping the enemy, players can take help from a breed of virtual beings who are called DigiToads. These creatures have special traits that can give you an upper hand over your enemy.

In the future, TOADS token holders and NFT owners can look forward to attending knowledge sessions on cryptocurrencies at a think tank that the team plans to launch over time. The think tank will be called the ‘TOADS School’. With the sessions, crypto users will be able to know more about the DigiToads ecosystem and the impact that it can drive.

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Pepe Coin token to be available on BitMEX 

Pepe Coin is another meme token that has gained huge popularity in a short period of time. PEPE is based on memes that went viral after Matt Furie’s creation ‘Pepe, the Frog’. Its native token is PEPE and it has registered resounding success by soaring by over 1000% in just two days. Its overnight success pushed it into the world’s Top 100 cryptocurrencies recently. The Pepe Coin team burns 3% of all tokens collected via transactions with an automated process. It also sets aside 6% of the PEPE coins collected as transaction fees for funding marketing activities and initiatives aimed at developing the Pepe Coin ecosystem. The meme coin recently hit the headlines after BitMEX announced that it would support transactions in terms of the PEPE tokens too.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on DigiToads

Still haven’t decided what cryptos to buy now? It’s time to bring in the experts. Those tracking the reviews of DigiToads would know that analysts have been rooting for this ERC-20 token. The platform’s exclusive model achieves an ideal balance between utility and innovation that is far ahead of its time. Plus, token holders get to explore and choose opportunities to earn passive income that best suits their skills. These are just some of the main reasons that have experts across the world excited about DigiToads. In terms of prospects too, analysts are largely optimistic as they feel the TOADS token’s returns can potentially hit the 30x mark in the coming months.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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