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A variety of options for making money on the Internet. We will consider the most controversial, but at the same time rapidly gaining popularity. This is HYIP, which means “highly profitable investment program”. 

What does it mean and how does it work

Currently, the development of an investment financial project is on a grand scale due to high demand. Such projects work on the Ponzi principle. This is the official financial pyramid language. On the one hand, it involves the investment of funds. On the other hand, it is receiving income in the form of dividends.

The money is deposited by a group of investors. They can number up to several thousand on the platform. These are ordinary people. Most of them do not belong to the “millionaires club”. Someone contributes meager amounts. The other makes impressive investments, amounting to thousands of dollars in order to increase them. Definitely, for this category of users, the cash desk of the HYIP project is kept.

The problem with financial platforms of this kind is the very high risk of impossibility payments.  Most HYIPs usually expect such an outcome. It happens for various reasons, while the flow of investments is reduced. The more interruptions in payments, the fewer participants come. The project stops working very quickly because it cannot fulfill its financial obligations to its investors. This status is called SCAM.

How long do HYIPs live

The duration of HYIP operation depends on the number of dividends paid. Highly profitable projects involve 60% or more. These are quite impressive amounts, especially considering that many investors can be concentrated on one site. Naturally, the box office cannot withstand such a load for a long time. It is likely that the project will quickly slide into SCAM.

Low-income programs usually vary not as large as in the previous example. But sometimes they reach 30-50 percent. This allows the site to function for several months. This form is recommended for those who start a career as an HYIP administrator. On the one hand, medium-income projects allow you to monitor the state of the cash desk and study the actions of investors. On the other hand, the percentages in such HYIPs, although not exorbitant, are not small either. The impact on the cash desk remains intense. There is a risk that the project will stop paying.

Low-yielding HYIPs due to small interest rates, as well as a well-planned marketing campaign, can work for years. They do not promise huge payouts in a short time but are popular because all investments with a profit are returned.

What you need to know

You will decide on its profitability if you have thought over the financial strategy of an HYIP project. It is important to ensure implementation. For the functioning of HYIP you will need:

  1. Legend. It is the basis for attracting money. It may be related to the cryptocurrency market or various startups, and technologies of the future.
  2. Script. Selected based on the legend. 
  3. Website. It should be unique, functional, and beautifully designed, with interesting content, and a clear interface.
  4. Payout system. There are three solutions – automatic, manual, and “instant”. From an administrator’s point of view, the first option is difficult to manage. The second is time-consuming. The most optimal payment format is “instant” when the withdrawal of money occurs immediately after the user’s request.
  5. Protection against viruses and attacks.

It is important to think over marketing moves working on HYIP. Attracting new investors depends on them. The bonus system is an example. An important component of the promotion is the referral program. Within its framework, each project participant who brings a new user must be paid a reward. You should think about its size in advance and include it in the financial plan.

The best way to ensure the long-term functioning of an HYIP project is to turn to professionals who will help develop and launch it. They will also assist in management.


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