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Penguiana Fills The Presale Soft Cap With Over 1500 SOL Raised, Set To Release Play To Earn Game Trailer Release Next Month

Penguiana Fills The Presale Soft Cap With Over 1500 SOL Raised, Set To Release Play To Earn Game Trailer Release Next Month

A new penguin-themed meme coin is gaining traction on the Solana ecosystem, and investors are taking notice.

With a presale that has already raised over 1500 SOL, Penguiana ($PENGU) may just be the next big thing to explode onto the scene.

Penguin Meme Coin Penguiana Makes Waves on Solana

Penguiana is a playful new meme coin that has quickly captured the attention of the crypto community. The developers have created a unique blend of humor and utility – $PENGU is not just a meme token but also a gateway to an upcoming play-to-earn game.

This combination of entertainment and real use case is what sets Penguiana apart in the mostly hype-based meme coin market.

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Penguiana’s Growing Community and Social Media Presence

Penguiana’s appeal is evident from its growing social media presence. With over 10,000 followers on Twitter and an active Telegram community, Penguiana is building a strong foundation of support.

The community’s enthusiasm is a testament to the project’s potential and the engaging nature of its meme coin concept.

Penguiana Presale Hits 1500 SOL as Investors Seek Early Exposure

The $PENGU presale has been a resounding success so far as the presale has crossed the 1500 SOL milestone in funds raised.

Investors have been flocking to acquire $PENGU tokens at the presale price, eager to participate in the promising project.

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How to Participate in the Penguiana Presale

Participating in the Penguiana presale is straightforward:

  1. Set Up Your Wallet: Use a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom or Solflare.

  2. Acquire $SOL: Purchase SOL from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kucoin. Transfer your SOL to your private wallet to avoid issues during the presale.

  3. Join the Presale: Visit the official Penguiana presale page at, where you’ll find the wallet address for sending your SOL. Confirm the address carefully before sending your SOL.

  4. Receive $PENGU Tokens: Once the presale concludes, $PENGU tokens will be airdropped to the wallet you used for participation.

Presale Details

  • Total Supply: 100 Million $PENGU Tokens

  • Presale Allocation: 60 Million $PENGU Tokens (60% of the total supply)

  • Presale Duration: 31 Days

  • Token Distribution: Tokens are distributed to presale participants at the end of the presale

Why Join the Penguiana Presale?

Joining the Penguiana presale not only allows you to buy $PENGU at a discounted rate but also gives you early access to a promising play-to-earn platform.

As the game gains popularity, the value of the $PENGU token is expected to be appreciated, potentially increasing your returns.

Upcoming Game Trailer Release

Penguiana is set to release a game trailer next month, enhancing the utility of $PENGU tokens.

These tokens will be used to mint playable penguin characters within the game, adding a layer of interactivity and value to the token.

Influencer and Community Support

Several influential voices in the crypto community have endorsed Penguiana as a can’t-miss opportunity.

The growing interest in meme coins with real utility further supports Penguiana’s potential for success.

Join the presale today to secure your early position in Penguiana’s journey. 

Be part of a project that integrates fun, community, and profitability in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency!

Join the Penguiana Community

Stay updated and connect with other supporters by joining the Penguiana Telegram and Discord channels.

Engage with the community to stay informed about the latest developments and exclusive events.

About Penguiana

Penguiana is a pioneering meme coin project on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the social and playful nature of penguins. It combines humor with substantial investment potential, appealing to both gamers and crypto investors. By leveraging Solana’s high throughput and low transaction costs, Penguiana offers a seamless and rewarding experience for its holders.

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