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Penguiana, A Solana Meme Project, Raises $200,000 In A Strategic Seed Round


DUBAI, UAE, 30th April 2024 – In a significant boost to the Solana blockchain ecosystem, Penguiana, a new Solana meme-centric project, has successfully raised $200,000 in an initial seed funding round.

This seed investment, led by Nanosprout Ventures and supported by over ten other angel investors from the web3 space, was secured through a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) focusing on the sale of $PENGU, the utility token at the core of the upcoming Penguiana play-to-earn (P2E) game.

$PENGU is integral to the Penguiana ecosystem, set to power a penguin-themed play-to-earn game scheduled for release in the next two quarters. This innovative token sale not only boosts Penguiana’s development efforts but also strengthens its community engagement by allowing early access to the game through Penguiana’s NFT minting.

Zan Kowalski, lead developer at Penguiana, commented on the raise: “We are deeply grateful for the trust and support from our investors. This funding comes at a crucial time as we aim to broaden Penguiana’s reach and deepen its functionalities within the Solana community.

We are eager to launch our token presale shortly, enabling early participants to acquire $PENGU tokens, which are essential for engaging with our immersive P2E platform.”

The funding will facilitate the development of Penguiana’s blockchain capabilities and expand its operational and community activities. The project aims to become a central hub in the web3 space, fostering a dynamic and interactive gaming experience that leverages Solana’s advanced blockchain technology.

Upcoming $PENGU Token Presale

The $PENGU token presale represents a critical opportunity to participate at the genesis of what is poised to be the ultimate meme coin on Solana. With 60% of the tokens allocated to the public sale, Penguiana ensures optimal distribution for maintaining decentralization. The presale will run for 31 days, with a buying limit set between 0.5 SOL and 100 SOL, ensuring equitable participation opportunities for all.

Following the presale, $PENGU tokens will be listed on Raydium, Solana’s leading decentralized exchange, at a price 50% higher than the presale, providing early investors a substantial immediate gain. This initiative not only serves to reward early backers but also kickstarts their journey towards lucrative returns in the crypto space.

Don’t Miss Out on the Penguiana Presale

With a limited offering and plans to list at a significant price increase, $PENGU is more than just a token—it’s your potential next crypto moonshot.

To stay updated on the presale and further developments, potential investors and enthusiasts are encouraged to join Penguiana’s Telegram and Discord communities.

About Penguiana

Penguiana is a Solana-based meme project designed to seamlessly blend meme culture with blockchain gaming. Centered around a penguin-themed ecosystem, it utilizes $PENGU tokens to enable a play-to-earn model that offers fun and financial incentives. As Penguiana grows, it strives to develop a robust platform that not only entertains but also provides tangible value to its community, making it a unique player in the expanding universe of blockchain-based gaming.

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