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Peets Coffee Menu Prices & Pictures [Updated List]

Do you have a desire for something delicious and unique? Peet’s Coffee is the perfect place to find satisfaction. Since its founding in 1966, Peet’s has established a reputation as one of America’s premier coffee roasters, providing customers with some of the best-tasting cups. In addition to their tasty selection of coffees, they also offer pastries, sandwiches and more to satisfy any sweet tooth or craving. So come by and see what makes Peets Coffee Menu so special! Please read below for all the details about their menu and pricing options.

Overview of the Peets Coffee menu 

Peets Coffee offers many beverages, including hot and iced coffees, espresso drinks, teas, smoothies, and cold brews. The menu also features signature seasonal offerings like the Limited Edition Noisette Blend or the Caffe Latte Caramel Macchiato. Peet’s Coffee Food Menu includes delectable pastries such as scones, muffins and croissants for those looking for something sweet to pair with their drink. Whether customers relax at one of Peet’s cafes or make their beverage to-go, they will surely find something they love on the Peets Coffee menu. 

A range of alternative milk options, including oat and coconut milk, are available to make any beverage creamy and delicious. With its various quality drinks, Peet’s Coffee Menu Prices is the perfect place to indulge in a tasty cup of Coffee or tea.

Peets Coffee Menu Prices & Pictures 

Warm Breakfast Menu Prices


Oatmeal $3.00
Egg And Cheese Sandwich $3.75
Bacon, Spinach and Swiss Quiche $4.95
Bacon And Cheddar Sandwich $4.95
Chicken Chorizo Flatbread $4.65
Roasted Tomato Quinoa Quiche $4.95


Peets Coffee Menu Prices {FULL LIST & PDF}

Bottled Beverages

Peet’s Coffee Food Menu

Tea Lattes

Peets Coffee Menu

Brewed Teas 

Peet’s Coffee Secret Menu

Different types of Coffee are available – espresso, cappuccino, latte, and cold brew.

When it comes to Coffee, there are so wide delicious varieties available. Whether you like your Coffee strong and bold or smooth and creamy, there’s a type that will fit your taste perfectly. Some of the most popular types of Peet’s Coffee Secret Menu include espresso, cappuccino, latte, and cold brew.

Espresso is a type of concentrated Coffee made with finely ground beans. It has a bold flavour due to its high level of caffeine and other compounds in the beans. Espresso can be consumed on its own or used as the base for other types of Coffee, such as lattes or cappuccinos.

Cappuccino is an Italian-style beverage that combines espresso, hot milk and foam. It’s creamy and sweet, making it a great choice for those who prefer something light and not too bitter.

Latte is another Italian-style beverage that combines espresso and steamed milk with a small amount of foam. It has a milder flavour than cappuccino due to the higher ratio of milk to espresso.

Cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water for an extended period, usually 12-24 hours. This method extracts more natural sweetness from the beans resulting in a smoother cup with less bitterness. Cold brew can be served on its own or combined with dairy or non-dairy milk, syrups, or even spices like nutmeg or cinnamon.

How to customize your Coffee to make it just the way you like it 

Making the perfect cup of Coffee is all about personalization. Everyone has different tastes, preferences and needs regarding their morning cup of joe. Here are some tips to help you customize your Coffee just the way you like it:

  1. Choose a good quality bean — High-quality beans are essential for making a great cup of Coffee. Look for Arabica beans with a sweeter taste and more delicate flavours than Robusta beans. Be sure to buy freshly roasted beans that smell aromatic, ensuring you get the richest flavour possible in each cup.
  2. Pick the right grind size for your machine — Different brewing methods require different grind sizes; too coarse or too fine can affect the flavour of your Peet’s Coffee Bakery Menu. For example, a French press requires a coarse grind, while an espresso machine needs a super-fine one.
  3. Heat the water to the right temperature — Water that is too hot or cold can ruin your Coffee’s flavour. Most experts recommend using water between 195°F and 205°F for optimal brewing. You should also use filtered water to ensure the best taste in every cup.
  4. Measure out your coffee beans correctly — Using too much or too little Peet’s Coffee Menu Food can result in bitter or weak flavours, respectively. Measuring the right amount of beans is important based on how many cups you’re making and what type of machine you’re using.
  5. Customize your brew — If you’re looking for a stronger cup of Coffee, try adding more beans or grinding them finer. Alternatively, add fewer grounds or coarsen the grind size if you want something lighter and smoother.

By following these tips and experimenting with different brewing methods and ratios of Coffee to water, you can create the perfect cup of Coffee every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Peet’s Coffee?

Currently, Peet’s Coffee is owned by JAB Holding, which acquired the holding from Alfred Peet in 2007.

Where is Peet’s Coffee from?

Peet’s Coffee initially came up in Berkeley, California.

Where to buy Peet’s Coffee?

There are many Peet’s Coffee shops across the country where you can buy Peet’s Coffee Tea Menu.

How many Peet’s Coffee locations are there?

According to recent sources, Peet’s Coffee currently has over 200 locations spread over many American states.

Where is Peet’s Coffee headquarters?

Currently, Peet’s Coffee headquarters is in Emeryville, California.

What time does Peets open?

Please visit the official website to check the correct opening and closing timings based on your location.

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