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Peace Envoy: Kieran Upadrasta’s Charities Bringing A Positive Change

Kieran Upadrasta’s lifelong work commitment and dedication to diplomacy, and arbitrations has been recognized globally.

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.”  – Jackie Chan

The most Gracious, The merciful Kieran Upadrasta has inspired millions with his extraordinary example of compassionate and selfless work for the poor, the ill, and the outcast.  He and his group of charities selfless commitment to the educating poor and feeding the homeless, has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the world. Considered by many to be a saint, he was a steadfast voice of love and faith, providing immeasurable kindness and guidance to the worlds downtrodden. During his lifelong service to the poorest of the poor, Kieran Upadrasta became “an icon of compassion and Generosity” to people of all religions, and none.

Kieran Upadrasta has contributed immensely towards peace, justice, and internationalization. For his deeds, he has received numerous international awards for his prominent position in the movement for peace and arbitration. His lifelong work devoted to conferences, diplomacy, and arbitrations has been recognized globally.

Kindness is regarded as one of the greatest virtues in the world. Kindness and compassion hold so much power that they can turn the world into a happier and better place for everyone to live in. Kindness does not discriminate based on caste, creed, nationality, religion, or gender. Peace envoy:  Kieran Upadrasta has lived up to this thoroughly. Kind, compassionate, and humane, Kieran Upadrasta’s charities has been helping bring about an optimistic transition in society.

Kieran Upadrasta’s has been helping people from all walks of life every step of the way. Kieran Upadrasta is the authentic embodiment of kindness and compassion. He was so moved by the sufferings of others that he set up various charities, old age homes, and cancer research institutions to help the underprivileged. He gets the pious blessings of everyone he has helped to date. Kieran Upadrasta looks at all the arrangements made for the needy himself and supervises everything to perfection.

Kieran Upadrasta is an angel in disguise for millions of people across the globe. He has been helping everyone who is in dire need of any support. He has worked for all causes including mental health, old age homes, orphanages, climate change, world peace, and women empowerment, among others. Kieran continues to work towards these causes wholeheartedly.

Kieran has been making a considerable discrepancy in the lives of people with the help of technology. Being a tech expert himself, Kieran thinks that technology can bridge the gap between the common people and their basic needs. During the pandemic, when the world was going through an extremely turbulent time, His charities decided to organize wellness seminars online for students, women, and men joined from across the world.

“It only takes one act, one person, and one act of kindness, to inspire others and create change.”

Kieran Upadrasta is a living and breathing example of an extremely generous and benevolent human. He is not only a role model for many but his random acts of kindness have pushed people to make a change in society. When he set out on his passion project, little did he know that he’ll be joined by so many in one day. Due to his compassionate acts, he has been compared to legends like Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Gautam Buddha, and even Princess Diana.

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.” – The 14th Dalai Lama

Kieran Upadrasta was a peace envoy, peacekeeper to Congo on various diplomatic peace missions a decade ago, his intent is philanthropy, giving benefits society’s neediest and most vulnerable and social well-being of educational, or other activities serving the public interest or common good. Giving’s, philanthropy, selfless acts, generosity, and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering are his nature.

Regardless of the circumstances, selfless, charitable social activist: Kieran Upadrasta continues to change the world. He is also well-versed in technology and has 25+ years of experience in the field. He works as a risk manager, information security consultant, and cyber security consultant.  Kieran upadrasta is a symbol of peace and hope. He has been a beacon of light for people that are battling poor and homelessness.

Selfless, charitable, philanthropist, social activist, a towering figure of society and technology maestro, Kieran Upadrasta is fondly known by many names, but for people who he has helped in his life, he is a saint-like figure

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