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If you are looking for an easier, cheaper and more flexible method for merging large amounts of PDFs, File Splice is worth a look. File Splice was built as an alternative to clunky and overly complicated softwares found in the PDF merge and pre-press space. File Splice aims to streamline how anyone can merge large amounts of PDF files in cut and stack or step and repeat format for printing. 

PDF Merge Software In The Cloud

File Splice is a SaaS that resides in the cloud, meaning no software to download and keep updated and it’s hosted on AWS for security and scalability. File Splice was developed originally during the height of Covid times by a small web-to-print company looking to upgrade their PDF imposition software, reduce waste and increase production time. Over time features were added including a secure payment system run by and it was opened up to a subscription model for anyone to use. 

PDF Merge Software That’s Easy To Use and Feature Rich

After you sigh up for the low month to month, cancel anytime subscription you have instant access to the software and can start merging files within seconds. It works on a template system meaning you need to either choose a template or create one to your requirements. The template is essentially the output of how you want your files. For example if you are merging just standard 8.5”x11” PDF files there is a template already made for that right out of the box. So you’d simply upload your files to that template, select the files, click merge and you’re done. 

What if you have some type of unique size or shaped PDF you need merged? No problem, you can just create your own template in a few simple steps. In the templates section you can add a template unique to your account (you can also share it with your team or everyone) just enter the name, paper height and width, pdf height and with, bleed and width requirements and you’re done. Save the template, upload your files and merge them. It’s that easy. Any shape or size PDF can be merged in whatever format you need.

The system also offers a variety of other features that can be turned off or on. Things such as handling variable quantities, applying lossless compression, inserting cover sheets before each file for easy sorting and collating, adding overage, crop marks and more. All can be done quickly, easy and can be adjusted on the fly. 

What Type of Users Is This Software For?

Because File Splice is built on AWS it scales easily up and down based upon demand so even the larges of companies can use it. That said though its main focus is small to medium web-to-print and print companies along with any other business that is interested in merging PDFs. Businesses and organizations can use it to reduce their overall printing costs by working as a team to merge files before printing, or as a tool to merge documents together for cases, projects or clients. The uses are virtually endless. 

If you’re looking for an easier, cheaper and quicker way to merge a large amount of PDF documents give File Splice a try. Their friendly staff is available to answer any questions you have or help you get set up and on your way to merging PDFs in the format you need. 

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