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What criteria should I take into account when choosing a PC Portable or in English (Laptop)?

Nothing looks more like a PC Portable than another one. However, the performance and equipment can vary considerably from one model to another. Screen size, storage space, processor, graphics card, connectivity… the parameters to be taken into account at the time of purchase are numerous.

Here are our tips for choosing the right pc.

What size PC Portable to choose?

One of the first criteria to take into account is the size of the PC Portable screen.

The models of 17″ or more are rather intended to stay on a desk or at home.

The 15 or 16″ are the most versatile, they offer both a nice image size while remaining easy to transport.

With their 14″ or smaller screen (but without a numeric keypad), (Ultra-books or ultra-portables) are less bulky and are perfect for those who plan to take their computer everywhere with them.

In addition to choosing the size, preferably opt for a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) and make sure that it is bright enough. Otherwise, reflections may bother you if used outdoors or in a brightly lit room. Also,check the vertical and horizontal viewing angles (the wider the better). You will also have to choose between a matte screen, which limits reflections, and glossy, which tends to embellish the images. Finally, a touch screen can be useful for certain tasks, even if it is not as responsive as a tablet.

Take into account the ergonomics and the touch of the keyboard as well as the size and

responsiveness of the touchpad (or touchpad). It’s up to you to see if the presence of an independent numeric keypad is an asset or not.

A PC Portable for what use?

The type of computer also depends on the use that we will have of it.

Office use

For office use (word processor, spreadsheet, Internet browsing…), any PC from €300 or €400 does the trick.

Multimedia use

If you are considering multimedia use (storing photos, creating documents with graphics, playing videos, etc.), check that it has a slightly more powerful processor and sufficient connectivity. In this case, count at least 600 to 700 €. Starting at € 900, there are more versatile models, whose graphics circuit integrated into the processor makes it possible to do light video editing and run some video games.

Resource-intensive use

Finally, for demanding users who intend to use their computer mainly to play video games, retouch photos or do video editing, a high-performance graphics card with a dedicated memory and a large capacity disk (at least 1 TB) are essential. In this case, you must be prepared to spend more than € 900.

Should we opt for a Mac or a PC?

They have different operating systems, and therefore different logics and universes. Macs, manufactured by Apple, are often rightly considered high-performance and easy to use, especially thanks to their strong compatibility with other Apple devices (especially iPhones). On the other hand, their environment is quite captive and they are expensive.

PCs, which most often run on Windows, are manufactured by different manufacturers (Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, etc.). They offer more configuration choices and more attractive prices.

It all depends on your habits and the other devices you have. Of course, moving from one universe to another is quite possible, even if an adaptation time may be necessary.

Which configuration should I choose for my PC Portable?

Depending on the characteristics of each component, the performance of the computer will be different.

The processor

This is the heart of the system. He is responsible for coordinating the work of the various components of Pc Portable. The more we ask of the computer, the more powerful it must be. With an Intel Core i5 or i7, or an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7, you will make the right choice. Also, pay attention to the model. The most recent series can indeed offer significant performance gains compared to previous generations.

The storage

If the hard drive has not disappeared, today it is the SSD that is on the rise. This storage system based on flash technology is less bulky, less fragile than a hard disk, and above all offers much greater speed thanks to its high data rates and its reduced data access time. Depending on the model, the storage capacity can be limited to 128 or 256 GB, but the trend is on the rise and most mid-range configurations now offer a 512 GB SSD. If you are going to store a large number of heavy files on your computer (videos, movies, etc.), opt for a higher capacity. Some computers combine the two technologies. You will thus benefit from the speed of the SSD and the storage capacity of the hard drive.

The graphic circuit

All Intel or AMD processors integrate a graphics circuit, sufficient to perform basic tasks and play basic games. The most recent generations offer better performance (Intel Iris Xe, in particular) and may be suitable for occasional light video editing work. Some PC Portables are equipped with a second entry-level graphics circuit (NVidia or AMD brand). Equipped with a small dedicated memory of 2 GB, it offers a little more power than the integrated graphics circuit, even if it is far from the level of the muscular graphics cards contained in the high-end configurations (gamer models). If you are thinking of making image processing, video editing or video games your main uses, it is to these that you should turn.

The living memory

Plan enough of it, because the responsiveness of the computer largely depends on it. 4 GB of RAM may be enough for office use, but with 8 GB, you will be at peace.

The connection

It depends on your needs and the type of peripherals to be connected. Connecting an external screen is thus possible via the HDMI output or a USB-C port with an adapter. An Ethernet port allows a wired connection to the Internet (in this case, prefer Gigabit Ethernet, faster than 10/100). Finally, an SD card reader can be useful if you intend to transfer the photos taken with your camera to the computer.

The wireless connection

If possible, opt for Wi-Fi 6, which is faster than Wi-Fi 5. A Bluetooth connection is also convenient for streaming music on a Bluetooth speaker, for example.


This is an important element to take into account, especially if you are going to take your computer with you everywhere, especially since the differences can be important from one model to another. Do not blindly rely on the data provided by the manufacturers. The best thing is to refer to our PC Portable test.

Finally, take into account the quality of the webcam and the speakers, but also the materials used and the finishes. Aluminium shells, for example, tend to offer a better rendering than plastic ones. Some tools can be very useful, such as the fingerprint sensor which, if it does not strengthen the security of the computer, simplifies the unlocking of the session.

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