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Paymetoo’s Guide For Brands To Jump-start Your TikTok Shopping

Paymetoo’s Guide For Brands

Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram skyrocket with reach and sales rates for businesses. Additionally, TikTok takes up the trend of shopping by stepping ahead with AR filters. The TikTok audiences socialize into TikTok trending media content with shopping initiatives. The platform’s short-form, visually engaging content has got a massive and desirable audience from the Gen Z group. Over 80% of TikTokers become motivated through trending content to make a purchase. Here, you got the best statistics about the potential customers using social media platforms for shopping purposes. Several people on TikTok don’t use any other social media accounts. 40% of TikTok users don’t use Facebook accounts, while 63% don’t use Twitter accounts. All these stats make the TikTok platform effective for brands. So, try to look out to reach new markets on the platform. 

This article will outline everything you need to know about practical guides for brands to kickstart your TikTok shopping. 

Paymetoo’s Best Strategies To Start Your TikTok Shopping

TikTok follows up on changing your advertising on its head by connecting social media commerce features into their app as a topmost priority. Here’s how brands of every type can make use of TikTok shopping features. 

1. Make Use Of Actionable Buttons For Higher Conversions

For example, brands like Levi’s have effective website traffic and audience engagement that improves on TikTok using Shop Now buttons. Much more interesting, these appealing CTA’s work with influencers’ video content to push conversions without compromising on user experience. When a user likes the product, they can look at a video; all they need to do is click on the Shop now button that directly brings followers into the brand’s eCommerce page. 

Pro Tip: Based on Levi’s brand, the watch time for videos is twice the TikTok’s average time. 

2. TikTok Shopping & Augmented Reality

Are you trying to improve your engagement rate for your business profile? If so, buy likes on TikTok that trigger to increase the shopping experience from real users with huge profits.   Know how younger and tech-savvy TikTok followers want from your TikTok profile as it expands to improve your shopping experiences to add a range of AR features. If it’s funny, filter users can feel appealing to share it with their followers and viewers. Moreover, hashtag challenges bring several people for the branded products or interactive experiences on the TikTok platform. Next, the branded scan features allow TikTok users to discover new ways of connecting with their favorite brands. 

TikTok Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenge is a campaign that motivates users to make their videos with a dance schedule and a song. You can start to incorporate AR try-on filters as it skyrockets. Then design the routine over the users by using different products and services. 

While TikTok users take part in a branded hashtag challenge, they must make unique content that creates brand awareness from the platform. Above all working with impressions, these hashtag challenges pages also display Shop Now buttons that direct users towards the brand’s online shops and drive conversions.

How To Start With TikTok Shopping?

TikTok plans to release new AR shopping features soon, so always keep updated on this platform. In the meantime, why not start ahead and make your branded AR effects on TikTok? To post AR branded results on TikTok, you must begin working with the platform to use AR effects. Thus, Paymetoo’s guide helps to make your sales growth increasing for your business on TikTok. So, try to make advanced AR effects with filters or branded scans in no time. Are you ready to start making your AR effects? Then follow these guidelines to make a huge success.

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