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Payments specialist EFT Corporation teams up with ACI Worldwide to tackle fraud across Africa

ACI Worldwide to tackle fraud across Africa

Africa – 31st August 2022: EFT Corporation, the African focused fintech provider specialising in end-to-end payment solutions, today announces a new partnership with ACI Worldwide to protect their customers from fraud.

 As part of the deal, EFT will rollout ACI’s Fraud Management Solution across all Eastern and Southern African countries which include: Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Mauritius etc.

 The ACI Fraud solution is platform agnostic and monitors all channels, meaning it can monitor and protect across web, mobile, ATM and POS platforms. The solution will enable banks, acquirers, processors, and networks to turn fraud prevention into a competitive differentiator with a secure and seamless solution that exceeds customer expectations and delivers against increasing regulatory demands. 

Jerry Shikhule, Senior Commercial Lead for ACI Worldwide, East Africa said:

 “ACI Worldwide and EFT Corporation have been working together for over 20 years to provide incredible experiences to customers across Africa. This includes working on over five national switches and partnering with over 30 major customers across the continent.  We’re excited to roll out our fraud management solution, to strengthen the security and capability of our network, protecting customers and our improving services.” 

Grant Flanagan, Chief Operating Officer of EFT Corporation said:

“This is yet another exciting milestone in EFT’s rapid growth journey, allowing us to work with ACI Worldwide to offer world-class fraud protection to our customers across multiple countries. This partnership will enable our customers to identify and mitigate financial fraud and help reduce the compliance burden in all forms.” 

EFT Corporation

Established in 1999 as an IT Organisation, EFT Corporation prospered to become a key player in the ever-changing payment’s solutions and innovative developments African landscape.

EFT Corporation’s strength is rooted in its enduring representation of its world-leading products, services, consultancy, and employee skills-. EFT Corporation is a well-placed organisation and structure innovative unique solutions for its customers’ individual needs.

At EFT Corporation, the African footprint is combined with local presence to drive and transform the payments in developing and emerging markets.

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