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Paul Leongas On How To Behave When Drinking In An Irish Pub

Paul Leongas

Ireland is famous for its pubs, so there’s no wonder everyone visiting seeks to spend some time in pubs, trying all sorts of drinks and having a great time with the locals. This Irish pub etiquette also applies in Irish pubs like Curragh Holland in Chicago. This guide will help you have a great time in Ireland or any Irish pub.

In Ireland, people worship the pub above many other such institutions. All Irish communities use pubs to gather, celebrate and have some craic as often as they can. Engagement parties, marriage events, or even birthday parties or other anniversaries end in a pub, as that’s where the quality craic (good time) is. Briefly put, no visit to Ireland is complete without drinking, eating and mingling with locals in some of the best pubs at your destination. Since pubs are part of the Irish culture, you can rest assured that there’s an unofficial etiquette everyone observes when visiting a pub advises Paul Leongas. There’s no need for you to worry, though, as we are going to reveal the main guidelines of this pub etiquette right away. Just keep reading and you’ll know how to have the best craic of your life in Irish pubs.

The Next Round Is On Me!

Irish are friendly folks, so they enjoy buying each other a drink or two says Paul Leongas. You may have the nice surprise to be offered a pint at times. Enjoy it, but keep in mind that these people expect you to return the generosity. Even when the patron of a bar decides to offer a round of drinks for all guests, you should pay attention for your turn. If you miss the moment to pay a round at your turn, your refutation will suffer.

Tip for couples: When it comes to pub drinking, people will always consider you two separate people, so they will expect that each of you pays their round.

How To Order Drinks

You won’t find fancy drinks menus in Irish pubs. Beverages here are as simple as the locals. All you need to say is the you want a pint and you’ll instantly get a tall glass of Guinness. The only exception is Cork, where you’d rather get a Murphys or a Beamish Stout. If you think a pint is way too much alcohol for you, just order a “glass” and you’ll get a half-pint drink according to Paul Leongas..

Patience Always Pays Off

Irish people take their drinking very seriously. Apparently, the word whiskey derives from the Gaelic “water of life.” These people have a complex set of rules for pouring a pint of stout. The whole pouring process takes around three minutes. The general recommendation is that you wait for another couple of minutes before drinking it, in order to allow the beer to settle. Also, remember not to rush the bartender if you want to experience a perfect pint each and every time.

To Tip Or Not To Tip

Tipping the bartender is one of the drinking rules all Americans learn even from their early drinking years. This is why many Americans tend to tip bartenders in any other countries they visit. In Ireland, bartenders don’t expect tips. Sometimes, you may want to tip a waiter who provides you with table service. Nevertheless, most pubs only employ bar staff, so you don’t have to feel obliged to tip a lot. These people are usually better paid than American waiters and bartenders.

Pub Fashion Style

Pub atmosphere in Ireland is always laid back and casual, and that’s what you should dress for. There are only very few exceptions to this casual outfits rule. If you are a male, consider wearing dress shoes instead of sneakers. Should you intend to wear a hat, remove it as you enter the pub. Leaving your hat on is considered rude. Women can wear pretty much whatever they want. A nice blouse paired with jeans and some cool shoes can make the perfect pub outfit. Nevertheless, you may see plenty of ladies wearing high heels and dresses – most probably, they are going to dance after the pub according to Paul Leongas..

Brief Guidelines To Help You Understand The Dos And Don’ts Of Pub Drinking In Ireland

Don’t: Ask to have a tab opened. Pay for your drink as soon as you get it. Remember that most bartenders prefer cash.

Do: Seat yourself as you please. Don’t wait for a host to seat you, as Irish pubs don’t employ this kind of staff. Just grab the first free seat you come across.

Don’t: Order an Irish Car Bomb. This name is considered offensive in Ireland. Besides, locals don’t drink such stuff.

Do: Start a conversation. There’s a good reason why the pub is considered the social hub that brings people closer together. The Irish love meeting people, so there’s no point in you being shy in an Irish pub. Don’t feel offended if they try to have fun on your expense. This is part of their special humor and it usually means you’re welcome to their community.

Don’t: Get too drunk. As weird as it may seem, acting drunk in public is considered terribly ill-mannered. You can have a great time, but try to know your limits and don’t exceed them.

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