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Paul Haarman – Understanding Different Parameters for a Successful Career as an SEO Freelancer

Paul Haarman

SEO freelancing is supposed to be simple. You gain sound SEO knowledge, find your clients, deliver the required solutions, and charge fees for your services says Paul Haarman. However, having adequate theoretical knowledge is not enough you need to focus your attention on execution. Proficiency and expertise in SEO can be achieved only after gaining some experience as a freelancer. According to Ahrefs, freelancing in SEO is not an astronomically expensive affair.

It promises infinite career growth opportunities and total control over your life and time. You can follow and set your schedules, and you do not need to seek approval or permission from superiors. You are a free bird. Also, you can take your own decisions, and you are in complete control of the situation. You may get a salary hike quickly. As per research performed by Search Engine Journal, 60 percent of the professionals in the field of SEO are known to get an income that is the same or even more compared to the U.S. median as a full-time SEO professional.

Even though SEO freelancing has been romanticized quite often or is viewed as a welcome change from a monotonous nine to five job or an annoying boss who never values your talent or dedication, often freelancers realize that they had opted out of a typical 9 to 5 job to work 24×7. When you are your boss, you tend to work harder to fulfill your aspirations. However, working 24×7 may have an adverse impact on your mental health and self-worth. You can enjoy a fruitful and fulfilling career as an SEO freelancer provided you keep a few crucial things or parameters in your mind. Freelancing could be an enjoyable experience provided you handle search engine optimization freelancing with the right frame of mind.

Paul Haarman – Interact with Other Established SEO Freelancers

You may be a fresher in the field of SEO freelancing. It is a good idea to reach out and connect with SEO experts and SEO freelancing professionals who have extensive experience and have been in the scene for a reasonably long time. They may prove to be helpful since they have the essential experience and valuable insights for you to take advantage of.

Take a Leap Forward with Effective Content Marketing

It is the responsibility of an SEO freelancer to focus his attention on enhancing his online visibility, reaching brand new customers, and driving sales with the help of the all-in-one marketing toolkit.

Consider Building up Your Network

Paul Haarman says start getting to know people in your trade. Prepare a list of contacts and identify a few people whom you can ask for a favor whenever necessary. You may pitch your services outright with these contacts. Start by sending emails with details of your new business and the services you provide. It would surely lead to several email strings and phone calls. This way could gather a lot of valuable information and advice that could prove to be motivating and enlightening. Create a strong network.

You will soon be amazed to see how your network of friends is getting you new projects. Most of your work will be coming from client referrals and contacts in your network. Moreover, you will soon realize that many businesses in your network may require assistance with their work overflow. You could grasp the opportunity. Start getting acquainted with experts in your trade and build strong relationships. You could acquire more business and valuable projects in the future thanks to effective networking.

Remember all your contacts are busy. Be respectful of that fact. Do not take too much of their time by sending them an extensive list of your questions. Restrict yourself from asking specific questions. You are responsible solely for the success and failure of your freelance SEO business. Experts can guide you with their tips. But you have to decide what will work best for your business and what may not be applicable in your case.

Make Sure that Your Books Are in Perfect Order

Running a business may not be easy. You will have to keep track of all your expenses and withhold the right amount of taxes. It is a good idea to seek professional assistance from a qualified and reliable accountant. Once your business is re-classified as S-Corp you can get tax savings that should be enough to pay your accountant for his services explains Paul Haarman. If you are serious about pursuing your career as an SEO freelancer, it is best to seek the advice of a good accountant and make sure that your books are in perfect order.

Be Confident with Your Charges

Initially, you may be tempted to accept work even at half of your standard rate. Experts believe that it will end up costing you money because you may have to refuse full-price projects later, as you get busier. You may exercise some flexibility in your pricing from project to project, but it is best not to accept any assignment at a price you are sure to regret later. If you are thrilled about a particular project, you may adjust your pricing. However, be confident and stick to your pricing to the extent possible.

Focus on Building Your Online Presence

You could be excellent at your job, but if nobody gets to know about your business, how can you hope to succeed? Your business profile should be present on social networking sites. You may focus on building a robust online presence and boosting overall brand awareness and brand image says Paul Haarman.Also you may join LinkedIn for building your social media presence in your professional capacity. You could opt for using Twitter or Instagram. It is easier to impress your potential clients if you have a solid digital footprint. Often your social media presence could help you in getting new clients.


Follow the above tips to succeed as an SEO freelancer. However, keep in mind, irrespective of where you are currently in your journey as an SEO freelancer; you can help somebody who may be lagging behind a bit. You can guide others and help them by writing a blog, answering a question, or even tweeting an SEO tip. Your experience will help you gain confidence, and you can help newcomers with your valuable advice. You can reach heights of glory once you start your SEO freelancing career.




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