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Paul Haarman Talks About the Emerging Technologies That Will Impact the Business Development Industry

Paul Haarman

All technological innovations bring about a business change. There will be a few long-standing technologies that will always be present says Paul Haarman. But we can never know when there will be a challenge that will necessitate a functional pivot.

Every company wants to lead in today’s unpredictable business market. Here it’s essential for business leaders to manage the minutest of industry and business changes as they welcome new technology.

  1. Communications technology

Solutions like Asana and Slack have been present before the pandemic outbreak, and it is changing the business operations. In the past year, its value became very clear. And when it’s about sharing data fast and collaborating with customers, partners and teams, such tools enable the executive to speed up growth and enhance communications all through the board.

  1. The collaborative tools

Business development begins internally says Paul Haarman. The technology which assists collaboration for developing a plan for attaining the correct market with the correct texts, products, and services keeps the entire team highly focused. Today, multiple online tools enable to spark creativity and capture ideas after brainstorming sessions with an easy functionality. It’s possible to organize the ideas easily to develop a plan.

  1. The HR automation and online brainstorming

The remote work process made two trends famous: online brainstorming and HR operation automation. And together, both can change the way the business development teams work. The first one makes it simpler to collaborate easily, enhancing sales performance and the ease during turbulent times. The second results in transparency, efficiency and speed in the HR requirement of the sales teams.

  1. Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will carry on fostering maximized data collection and communication because of connected technologies. The increased visibility throughout the company will enable the business development leaders and their teams to have increased insights about the efficiencies. They will also get to know about the required optimizations for maximizing productivity in the operation explains Paul Haarman.

  1. The technology which assists employees

Any technology which assists employee collaboration, community, training, onboarding, and ongoing engagement with the workforce is essential. Also, such solutions should be more scalable with organizations, enabling the decisions to be remote-optional or remote-first to assist employee efforts for contributing while carrying on work from anywhere.

  1. Cognitive capacities and technology

Growth is the function of one’s capacity to solve and understand consumer issues. Moreover, The cognitive technology and capacities are capable of assessing patterns from big data, which gets trained to make predictions and come up with customer insights. However, It will get evolved with time. Business development executives can welcome AI for enhancing productivity and performance.

Last but not least, according to Paul Haarman, one has to consider machine learning and also artificial intelligence tools. Most business experts count on machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for assessing consumer behavior. Customer preferences can shift fast, more so in online touchpoints like digital commerce. The predictive algorithms notice shifting demand patterns that the sales and marketing teams can miss. Today, the experts anticipate the rise of the business development online assistants to guide the sales team on the forthcoming steps to be taken with their consumers.



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