Patriot Viper: Hands-on Review

Patriot’s Viper RGB Series are memory modules that have been created to give the user unparalleled performance. Built with Intel and ADM platforms in mind, they have been tested and shown to be compatible with the latest models.

This is a memory that is built with a gamer in mind. The bright RGB lighting adds a vibrant feel to the product. It will take your build and push it to the next level. Patriot’s products offer high-quality RAM at a reasonable price point. It’s important to remember that more RAM doesn’t mean it’s better. For example, having 2 GB of top-quality DDR4 RAM is preferable to 4 GB of DDR3, as recommended by Game Gavel.

An Aggressive Design and Powerful Specifications Make the Patriot Viper RPG Series Stand out.

The design of Patriot’s Viper RPG Series is aggressive in both appearance and function. The modules have been designed to look good with any build. Heat dissipation is addressed with the aluminum heat shield. This ensures that the memory will continue to perform even if you are playing demanding games or running demanding applications. Thanks to the easy to use Viper RPG software, the five lighting zones can be customized to meet your needs.

XMP 2.0 support, which comes standard with the Viper RGB series, allows for automatic overclocking. The memory is compatible with industry-standard motherboards and their RGB sync applications. The most competitive and aggressive product offered by Patriot is found in the Viper RPG series DRAM. These products are available with a white or black heat shield.

Product Features and Specifications

Features include:

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Reliable and fast performance that has been tested with the latest Intel and AMD platforms
  • Aluminum heat spreader with one-of-a-kind design elements
  • Intuitive software application
  • Silver Viper logo with black sides
  • Five customizable RGB zones that allow you to add creativity to your build
  • Automatic overclocking supported by XMP 2.0


  • Pin out: 288 – PIN
  • Voltage: 1.35 V
  • Tested frequency: PC four – 25600 (3200 MHz)
  • Capacity: 16 GB
  • Format: non—ECC unbuffered DIMM

The memory runs easily at its rated speed. Testing shows no compatibility problems with different motherboards, including Asus, ASRock, and Gigabyte.

What You Get When the Product Arrives

Your Viper RGB memory is packaged in a small yet attractive box. The packaging includes all of the information needed about the product, its specifications, and tech support. The package comes equipped with memory modules, Viper gaming stickers, and an easy-to-read user manual.

One thing you will notice when you open the package is that the heatsinks are tall. So you will have to think about how this works out with the size of the CPU cooler as well as your PC case size. Many modern manufacturers have addressed this issue. Still, some brands that have large cooling options will rob space from your RAM.

A feature that makes this RAM stand out is the lighting. This special feature lets you customize the appearance of the RAM, giving your build some character. Since the memory works with leading motherboard brands, you should have no issue managing lighting modes.

A Premium Product with a Premium Feel

When you are holding the Viper RGB memory in your hand, you can tell that you have a premium product that has a premium feel. The heatsinks are sturdy, and they look attractive thanks to the large Viper logo on the side. Unlike other kits, this product does not collect oil from your hands or smudge up.

When you look at the product from the side, you will notice that the RGB panel is not flat but pokes up on each side as if it were fangs. Installation is easy, although the memory looks thicker than usual. However, after testing them side-by-side, we saw that there was no clearance issue at all.

Once the memory is installed and the system is powered on, Viper presents a rainbow-like light show as its default setting. You will need to install the RGB software to customize the lighting to your taste.

You can use Viper’s software or the software that comes with the motherboard to control the RGB lighting. Many who have opted to use Viper software are surprised when they see how easy it is to customize the lighting and how intuitive the RGB software is. You can use any one of seven preset lighting animations and customize your lighting options.

RGB memory is known for falling out of sync while using lighting effects. Viper does okay in this regard. When you first start up your computer, the lighting effects will be based on your last preset. But you will notice that within a few minutes, the lighting goes all over the place. However, if you keep the Viper app open, then the lighting will stay in sync.

This is a key selling point for this product because as most people know, out of sync RGB memory is usually bad RGB memory. The one qualm that we have about the Viper RGB software is that it does not offer the option to boot automatically with Windows. We have to open it up each time in order to get our lighting to match up with our preset specifications.

Benchmarking with AIDA 64 stability test for more than 20 hours clearly shows that the memory has no issue with stability. The AIDA 64 test uses a good portion of the available RAM.


The Patriot Viper RGB 16 GB DDR 4– 3200 is a neat memory kit that we wholeheartedly recommend for users of all kinds, particularly gamers. Viper memory kits are fast, and they offer attractive lighting effects. It offers just about everything that a modern gamer wants and is more than enough for future VR gaming.

We are happy to say that we saw no stability issues with memory. It did not matter what motherboard we tested it on. We were not impressed with the overclocking results, though, as they were minimal. However, the memory does well at XMP settings, so there was no need to manually adjust timings.

Viper’s product is one of the least expensive kits of its size. It’s a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to have fun with gaming features that use RGB lights.

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