Patientory Wallet Raises Additional Funding, Launches Telehealth Service for GLP-1 in Bid to Boost Population Health

Patientory Wallet Raises Additional Funding, Launches Telehealth Service

Patientory, a healthcare data startup, has recently announced a new telehealth service that aims to help people lose weight. Initially founded upon the desire to democratize access to health data, Patientory is actively building toward a better future for healthcare. Their new announcement continues this trend, offering individuals a supportive method that combines medication and coaching.

Patientory’s announcement arises against the context of the rising obesity concern in the USA. At present, nearly 40% of US residents are obese. Each year, losing weight is a top resolution, with around 34% of adults reporting this as one of their most important goals.

After the launch date of February 7th, users who are interested in participating in Patientory’s weight-loss program will be able to check their ability through the Patientory Health Data Wallet. On the decentralized application, users can verify their Body Mass Index (BMI). If a candidate meets all of the eligibility criteria, Patientory will offer the user a customized prescription plan.

Under the close guidance of physicians, all involved individuals will receive ongoing support, a prescription of Semaglutide medication, and a medical telehealth consultation. Semaglutide mimics the GLP-1 hormone, which is released in response to eating and stimulates the production of insulin. Clinical trials have suggested that semaglutide, as a GLP-1 receptor agonist, can have a positive effect on the promotion of weight loss.

In previous years, Patientory has become known for its blockchain-based, HIPPA-compliant software platform. With the goal of improving health data democratization for all, Patientory facilitates the exchange of health information in real time while abiding by the highest levels of security.

This weight-loss plan is a new step for the company and aligns with their goals of incentivizing healthy lifestyles. Commenting on the plan, Kwamena Aidoo, Co-Founder of Corridor Ventures, stated “Connecting wearable device and electronic health records data has the potential to transform clinical research insights and evolve the way health and wellness care is administered across the globe. Patientory sits at the forefront of this movement. When you think about this in the broader context of our rapidly changing technological landscape, it is hard not to get excited.”

Patientory previously secured early-stage funding from VC firm Corridor Ventures, pushing their total in new seed investments to exceed $325,000.

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