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Path of Exile Orb of Unmaking Obtained and Spending Guides

Path of Exile Orb of Unmaking is a Poe currency item that can be used to destroy rare items and turn them into their more valuable components. It can be used to break down any rare item into its components and remove any implicit modifiers. It is a valuable tool for crafting high-end items and can save you a lot of time and effort. The Orb of Unmaking is one of the most sought after currency items in Path of Exile and is often used by players to quickly break down rare items for their components.

How to obtained Poe Orb of Unmaking?

There are a few ways to earn an Orb of Unmaking in the game Path of Exile. One way is to buy one from other players through the game’s trade system. Another way is to find one as a random drop from monsters or chests in the game. Additionally, they can also be obtained by using a Divine Orb on a rare item with six linked sockets.

Here are a few tips for obtaining an Orb of Unmaking in Path of Exile:

Farming: Killing monsters and opening chests in end-game maps and high-level areas have a higher chance of dropping an Orb of Unmaking.

Trade: Trade with other players who have one and are willing to sell it. You can use the in-game trade system or third-party websites to find players with Orbs of Unmaking for sale.

Divination Cards: Some divination cards can be exchanged for an Orb of Unmaking, such as The Unshaping

Crafting: By using a Divine Orb on a rare item with six linked sockets, you can obtain an Orb of Unmaking.

Events: Participate in in-game events, many of them have Orb of Unmaking as a reward.

It’s worth noting that, as with any rare item, it might take some time and effort to obtain an Orb of Unmaking and prices of the orbs can fluctuate depending on the league and the demand.

How to Spending Poe Orb of Unmaking?

An Orb of Unmaking is a currency item in Path of Exile that can be used to remove a modifier from a rare item and also change the sockets and links of the item. The item will be returned to its original state, but will also lose all its current modifiers, including any implicit modifiers.

To use an Orb of Unmaking, you simply need to right-click on the item you want to remove a modifier from and then left-click on the Orb of Unmaking in your inventory. Be aware that once an item is unmade, there is no way to undo it, so it’s wise to be very sure you want to remove a modifier before using an Orb of Unmaking on it.

It’s usually used to remove unwanted modifiers or corruptions, or to change the sockets and links of an item to better fit a specific build. It can also be used to make room for new modifiers by removing existing ones, or to remove a specific modifier that is preventing the item from being used for a certain build.

It’s worth noting that, Orb of Unmaking can also be used to remove the 6 linked sockets from an item, which is a good way to obtain a six-linked item, since it’s a rare outcome from crafting.


The Orb of Unmaking is a powerful and mysterious artifact that is shrouded in mystery and legend. Its ability to undo any enchantment or spell makes it a powerful tool for anyone who can find it. Despite its power, however, it remains elusive, and only those who are particularly wise and resourceful are capable of uncovering its secrets. To those who are brave enough to seek it out, the reward may be great, but the journey is sure to be challenging.

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