Path of Exile: Guide to the Uber Labyrinth

Path of Exile

Path of Exile’s vast universe can captivate you for hundreds of hours, weaving through an intricate main story and a plethora of additional content that can extend gameplay well beyond the 100-hour mark. If you’re set on conquering every challenge Path of Exile throws at you, understanding the complexities of its PoE labyrinths, especially the Uber Labyrinth, is crucial.

What is the Uber Labyrinth?

Often simply called “Uber Lab,” the Uber Labyrinth, or the Eternal Labyrinth, is a pinnacle of in-game challenges. It’s a randomly generated dungeon teeming with traps, monsters, and puzzles that test every facet of your gaming skills. The allure of the Uber Lab lies not just in its complexity but in its rewards: completing it earns you the last two Ascendancy points available in the game, marking a significant milestone in your character’s development.

Navigating the Uber Labyrinth

The journey through the Uber Lab is the end-game of Path of Exile’s labyrinthine quests. To embark on this formidable quest, you must first gather six different trials from end-game maps. These trials are your stepping stones to the Aspirant’s Trial, where you’ll face the formidable Izaro.

Starting the Uber Labyrinth

Initiating the Uber Lab requires an Offering to the Goddess. This key component can be obtained by completing trials on end-game maps, or, for those looking to save time and dive straight in, it can be purchased from other players using PoE currency. This flexibility allows you to manage your resources and time efficiently, especially valuable in a game where every advantage counts.

Strategy and Survival in the Uber Lab

Surviving the Uber Lab is no small feat. The labyrinth is unforgiving, with death meaning a restart from the beginning. To increase your chances of success, it’s advisable to use a character built to endure significant damage. The right character build can make the difference between triumph and having to start all over again.

Making the Most of Your Run

While navigating the Uber Labyrinth, there’s more at stake than just completion. The dungeon offers unique opportunities to farm valuable resources and test your strategic gameplay. Each run through the Uber Lab is a chance to refine your tactics, improve your handling of the game’s mechanics, and ensure you’re adequately prepared for what’s arguably one of the toughest challenges in Path of Exile.

Finding the Latest Layout Updates for Uber Labyrinth

The Uber Labyrinth in Path of Exile is renowned for its complexity, with daily changes in its layout making it a thrilling challenge. To stay on top of these changes and navigate the labyrinth effectively, a reliable source of information is crucial. is an invaluable resource that provides daily updates and guidelines for navigating the labyrinth. By consulting this site, you can obtain detailed maps and strategic advice that will help you master the Uber Labyrinth with greater ease each day.

How to Quickly Complete Uber Lab Trials

When a new league starts, locating and completing the six necessary trials to access the Uber Lab can be time-consuming if done alone. To expedite this process, engage with the community—other players can often provide updates on trial locations. Alternatively, using the Dream Trial Prophecy can increase your chances of encountering these trials. While going it alone is possible, leveraging community knowledge or in-game mechanics can save valuable time.

Efficient Farming Strategies in the Uber Lab

The Uber Lab is not just a test of skill—it’s also a lucrative opportunity for farming currency in Path of Exile. Here are some tips to maximize your profits:

  • Treasure Chests: Throughout the labyrinth, you’ll encounter treasure chests that can be unlocked with keys obtained from Izaro, Argus, and other specific sources. These chests often contain valuable items such as high-level maps, gems, and level 84 helmets, which can be sold for a good amount of PoE currency.
  • Helmet Enchants: The Uber Lab offers enchantments for helmets and boots, which can significantly increase their value. Aim to enchant high-level or well-known helmet bases to maximize your profits. Incorporating a Twice Enchanted prophecy can also enhance the benefits, making each run potentially more lucrative.
  • Optimal Character Build: Consider creating a character specifically for farming the Uber Lab. A budget-friendly yet robust build, such as a juggernaut, is ideal. Ensure your character is capable of handling damage and has good mobility to efficiently navigate through the lab’s challenges.
  • Boosting Services: Once adept at navigating the Uber Lab, offering boosting services to other players can be a profitable venture. Use trading channels like 50 and 820 to advertise your services. Setting reasonable rates for boosting can attract a steady flow of clients, further enhancing your earnings in the game.


The Uber Labyrinth in Path of Exile offers a unique blend of challenge and excitement. For those well-versed in the game’s mechanics, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, providing ample opportunities to earn currency. However, it’s important to be adequately prepared before taking on the labyrinth.

Ensure you meet the minimum requirements before attempting the Uber Lab: a character level of at least 75 and a minimum of 5,000 life points are essential to withstand the trials within.

As you prepare to tackle the Uber Labyrinth, remember to review the key strategies and tips discussed in this guide. Proper preparation and understanding of the labyrinth’s daily variations will help you maximize your performance and rewards from completing the Uber Lab. Equip yourself wisely, plan your path, and you’re set to enjoy one of the game’s most engaging challenges.


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