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Pat Mazza: Home Based Business Opportunities in Today’s Economy

Pat Mazza

Those with the right mind for business have been wracking their brains for online business opportunities that they can do in their own home. With internet entrepreneurship an option, the digital world presents multiple pathways down, which lies the answer to a liveable income. For many of us, all we need is a working laptop and an internet connection to get online and get to work.

With the ease of access, no commute, and a distinct lack of foreign germs, three top reasons to try an online business of your own, we turned our attention to business mastermind Pat Mazza. With three successful companies of his own and enough funds left over to pay for an NFL team, businessman Mazza has some top tips on seizing business opportunities in the current climate.

Jobs you can do from Home in the Current Climate

Some of the jobs that Pat Mazza suggests we do from home during the pandemic include the following. 

Website Flipper

This is one of the hottest new careers to have emerged from 2020. The Working from the Home culture that we have created has inspired a whole generation of tech-savvy young businesspeople capable of turning a website profit.

A Website flipper buys the websites that aren’t doing well, optimizes them to SEO and other templates, and then sells them on when generating traffic again. This makes anything from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks per website. Another critical bonus point is that it does not cost much start-up capital.

Online Teacher

The world of education just joined the business world in the era of digitalization. They are ready to go online to ensure that the right lessons reach the right people. From Oxford to Stanford, universities worldwide are going online… and they all need teachers who know what they are doing.

Online classes tend to be smaller and shorter, which means more teachers. The Profession itself is evolving to meet the demands of a current WFH climate. If this continues, other jobs are going to have to change to accommodate childcare needs. One to watch in the coming years.

SEO Guru

If you have the know-how, the time has come to a stop working for others and start working on your websites from home. It has never been a better time to buy up many web addresses that might be popular soon and hold onto them until the time is right.

As Pat Mazza always says, patience is the key to a good investment. You should not buy a site to sell it on again with nothing in between. While you have that site, you should improve it, maintain the quality level, and then pass it on to a new owner.

What to do Next…

If you have decided it is time to work for yourself, you will be in a marketplace where everyone else has decided to do the same. Pick a niche that is not too popular and proceed as planned. You got this. We believe in you, and Pat Mazza also does.

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